Growing up Alaska Halloween was always an adventure. I remember years of having to warm up in the car with my other siblings every few houses but being determined to not wimp out too early. But then somewhere along the way, I grew out of Halloween and it lost its charm.

Having a daughter who’s old enough to start to understand the concept of Halloween did just the trick for helping me fall in love with the holiday all over again. Together we chose a costume, albeit a little last minute, and she’s refused to be away from it since. She cuddled with it Halloween Eve, decided she’d call it “Gaga” Halloween day, and has been asking for it every day after. IMG_4764

Halloween Eve we joined in on a church Halloween party full of a chili + cornbread dinner and fun booths for the kids to join in on. Feeling like the gummy snack to candy ratio was a little off we stopped by Krispee Kreme for an extra dose of sugar before meeting up with Josh and Chelsea to climb for an hour or two.

IMG_5240 IMG_4862
Which ended up being such a successful night of climbing. I give those doughnuts all the credit. Realizing that Halloween Eve, out of all the nights of the year, was the night to talk me into finishing the movie Ghostbusters (that we’d started months ago) we cuddled up and stayed well into the night with the 80’s classic.


Then Halloween night, once Landon had got home from work + we’d gotten ready, we headed out for a night of trick or treating with a few of my younger cousins and aunt and uncle. I had been confident that she’d get into it, knowing how much she loves sugar, but I didn’t expect just how much she wouldn’t need me.

Holding my cousin Ethan’s hand, she walked hand in hand to each house and up the stairs, then waited patiently (and silently) for a piece of candy. We tried to enforce her waving goodbye to make up for the lack of “trick or treat” and “thank you!’s”IMG_5246

After the sun had gone down, and she and the boys had fairly full pumpkins, we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s house for some homemade cider, popcorn and the movie Frequency.

I hope that you had a great Halloween and got to eat your fair share of sugar. I’m now anticipating snow outside our window any morning now + can’t help getting for Christmas already now.

Our Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! I’ve never been one to love this holiday, but this year I’m really digging it. My family just got in last night to visit for a week as they finish their summer vacation of seeing family before heading back to Alaska. You can catch us eating Flag Fruit Pizza, catching some rays, fireworks tonight, and wherever else today takes us! IMG_2518 IMG_2516 IMG_2500IMG_2496IMG_2494IMG_2492IMG_2441IMG_0349IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0343 IMG_2467aaIMG_0318 aIMG_0310

Scarf + Jeans: American Eagle // Watch: La Mer Collections // Flats: Steve Madden
Headband: Once Upon A Time Creations // Moccasins : Freshly Picked in Golden Rod

2014 | Faulkner Family Photos

Call me a biased aunt, but I have the cutest nieces +  nephews. This first pictures captures them perfectly — Riley loving up on “baby paityn!” Knixson excited about his new buddy Roamer. And Mother Reagan, patiently taking care of them all.

reryniparo1 ryni1 faulknerfam3 avtrro3 lakypa5 krranirery3 lapa
How cute is Landon with Pait? I love those two. Hoping to hang some of ours from the past few years on our walls soon soon soon!


Most Wonderful Time, Of the Year

We had such an amazing December + Christmas this year filled with so much joy and so many memories.
Her mischievous face as I went to get her out of the car-seat to see the first snowfall of the year. Cue frenzied diaper change on the side of the road

^^straps on baby hats, genius. It would’ve been off in seconds without. She admitted defeat. Then scowled and drank her bottle
^^Paityn’s BFF. until he starts talking. That freaks her out
^^Sugar cookies from the pouch << Mom’s homemade cookies.
 ^^Christmas touches around the house
^^side by side playing

^^Christmas Eve dinner all together// Grandpa reading You Are Special
^^Christmas morning at Papa + Mimis

^^ little Christmas fox pjs + Knixson on Christmas morning

I had a night or two where my heart just ached to have a Christmas tree, to be able to buy presents for everyone, to be home in Alaska, to have it all. And at just the right pace this month everything worked out perfectly. We found a little burlap wrapped Christmas tree. I got to go shopping with Avery for our nieces for a few gifts. The next day with Trever + Landon we turned on Elf, wrapped all the presents, then watched with anticipation a few days later on Christmas morning as they shrieked with joy to open everything.

“It’s just what I wanted!!” Reagan and Riley as they opened a Cotton Candy Maker Mom and Dad and picked up for them. How nice to be able to sit with Landon’s arm around me that Christmas day, watching what it’s like for Christmas to unfold for little ones that you love so. I couldn’t help but think, “3. Three’s a nice number.” Those little nieces and Knixson make three babies look good.

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Possibly one of my favorites. This has been such a good example to me of how much memories and family make up Christmas.

Yes, this Christmas was wonderful.

Thanksgiving #4 Together in California!

We had gone back and forth on the idea of doing a really quick drive up to Oregon on Friday, but just couldn’t make it work in our heads, or talk Kyndra into it too, so we headed up to Oroville Wednesday night to start the sleepovers. But first had to wait halfway through the night for the UPS man to deliver the VivoBarefoot shoes for Landon. I’ve never seen the dude so excited about getting mail hah.  We got settled in once we we arrived and and whipped up some Pumpkin Spice Muffins for the morning. I subbed chocolate chips for raisins, obviously

Thursday morning, Thanksgiving, we all got ready for the Fifth Annual Charity Walk.
Landon, ran 9 miles that morning on a trail to a waterfall, then we all headed over to the trail together.
It was perfect weather, and such a fun morning.
Once we’d walked the 3 mile loop, we met back at the cars for a little tailgate breakfast.
Afterwards, all of the cousins and sibling’s headed off for their feast at their inlaws.
Landon and I joked about driving up to Alaska. but went back to his parent’s instead. Naps were had, football was watched and snacks consumed. By the evening, we all had a bonfire + s’mores with some of the family that was back from their Thanksgiving plans.
Paityn showed off that she apparently now knows how to drink through a straw.

Friday morning we woke up at 6, got ready and met up at Marshalls with Andrew and Teresa to do a little Black Friday window shopping. The boys headed off to do a photo session of Landon running in his shoes and Teresa, I and the babes went shopping. Not much was going on in town, Walmart even was boring, so we headed over to Chico. So fun — Target never lets me down on the happiness meter. I grabbed a few pairs of boot socks and wipes for Paityn haha. We checked out the mall there, where she bought an exciting present for her Andrew. I love having good examples of gift givers. I am not naturally a good gift giver. But when I see people give generous and good gifts I think, “I can do that!” “That talent is in me somewhere!”

That afternoon was Thanksgiving prep — Landon and I made a pumpkin dessert and helped peel a few potatoes. Then we donned some nicer clothes and gathered together for our Thanksgiving up at Grandpa and Nanu’s

We stayed til late. In the morning Landon’s buddy from SLC, Mitch, came over. He, being in the middle of a month or so long adventure on the West Coast.  We gave him a mini tour of the town, all watched the last Utah game of the season, and the boys got ready to go on a hike along with Andrew.

Paityn and I napped, then went up with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving pt 2, leftovers. The boys got back after dark. I’m not going to say I was nervous about them. Just good to see them home.
Sunday was little Luke’s baby blessing which was so nice to be together for.
Landon I Paityn and Mitch headed back home by mid afternoon, where Mitch would stay the night and take off for Tahoe in the morning

Halloween: Times Two

We celebrated the month of Halloween all October long // These holidays have too much to offer to just get one night each year!


homemade pumpkin chocolate chip bread, another trip to the Pumpkin Farm, and some fresh apple cider, and a free headband won off of Instagram! which prompted a little nursery photoshoot

Landon and a guy in the ward got together the night before the Halloween Festival to practice a few Eagles songs. They played together outside while all the fun was happening. Did you catch that? a Halloween festival outside. So weird.

for Paityn’s First Halloween, she was a bag of loot. Because Landon and I were bank robbers, of course.
We found some gold washi tape at Micheal’s and got to work


little cotton candy addict.
Halloween evening perfected the next day, Halloween night, when we went out with some friends. First warm soups for dinner then trick or treating //
Halloween, I love you.
But by now I’m beyond sick of candy corn. And ready for all the chocolate and peppermint combinations Christmas has to offer

Pumpkin Patch + Pie, check!

It’s the first weekend of October, which calls for adventures off of our Halloween to do list
 It was mine and Paityn’s first trip to a Pumpkin Patch. Luckily there’s one not too far away, so we headed off this afternoon for the Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch! Landon and I had spend the morning at the gym together, which threw off Paityn’s nap schedule, but she was a real team player. We shared a tri tip sandwich for lunch, and spent some fun time checking everything out and watching Paityn’s reaction to everything. At 86°F it might not feel like fall outside, but this definitely helped start our Halloween countdown! Along with all of our candy corn pumpkins, of course.

She’s such a trooper! Within 2.5 seconds of being buckled into her car seat she was absolutely passed out!
Pumpkin Patch, you were a definite success

October + Halloween!

I love holidays. They fill my heart to the brim with bliss. But only the winter holidays. Halloween through Valentine’s day, but you could probably convert me to loving St. Patrick’s day if you could show me how it looks with modern decorations. Maybe.

I especially love the anticipation that is associated with a holiday. Each month you have a wonderful day to get ready/prepare for/do things for, aside from the normal grind. I’ve seen chalkboard countdowns for Halloween that I want in my life starting October 1! Free Printable Here

A Halloween To-Do List

  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Watch classic Halloween movies
  • Drink cider
  • Eat a caramel apple
  • Drink something Pumpkin Spice flavored at Starbucks
  • Eat your weight in candy corn
  • See what Halloween Oreos are all about
  • Drink Pumpkin Ale
  • Bake a homemade pie
  • Make pumpkin bread with fresh pumpkin
  • Roast Pumpkin seeds
  • Collect leaves, do something artsy with them
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Go on a hayride
  • Go to a haunted something, even just a cemetery at night
  • Wear Halloween PJ’s all month [Paityn]
  • Attend a Halloween party
  • Participate in a zombie walk/run
  • Visit an Oktoberfest
  • Find the perfect Fall scented candles
  • Decorate the house inside or out

We don’t have a fireplace, but I am suddenly jealous of everyone that does. And will continue to be as I look at decorating inspo through New Years! I think a console table for example would work well in our place — to help anchor decorations on the wall so they aren’t floating.

I think a perfect option for our place would be something similar to the IKEA Micke in the living room. Something simple, white, and not deep. But also functional as a workspace year round.

I love mason jars + hanging banners/garland for all holidays. For example, I think mason jars filled with different types of candy corn would be the bees knees.

Add some candles, lots of pumpkins, and fun prints and I’m ready to move on to planning a perfect costume trio.

Photos: 1// 2// 3// 4//

Our Easter Weekend in California

We heard back from a third school, Gonzaga University, with an acceptance offer + scholarship!
Getting those letters in the mail is the best feeling ever
A little grocery shopping the day before Easter, trying to find Robin’s eggs//
The easiest little Easter treat that I somehow made 10x harder than it should’ve been
[when she says bake for thirty she apparently means ten to fifteen, lesson learned with batch 1!] 
The very end of a church breakfast Saturday morning at 8am. So early//
Scrambled eggs for the adults and hidden candy filled eggs for the primary kids :]
Landon’s sheet music for his solo during combined 5th Sunday [tears were shed] //
Easter dinner table at Grandpa and Nanu’s 
Knixson + Paityn still in their Easter outfits//
4 months apart

 and some bonus Easter hymns 


Christmas Weekend [With the Faulkners]

Twas such a Merry Christmas!
We spent the Christmas weekend up with Landon’s family
three sleepovers all together to be exact.
 cinnamon rolls,  hand carved ornaments, a surprise sleeping bag, la mer watches, dance parties til late
les miserables, a beautiful combined third hour at church, presents, stockings, an attempted post christmas dinner leftovers walk, a madeline/strawberry shortcake hat, the best wrapped presents ever thanks to reagan

Oh, I needed this.

It’s Begining To Look [a Little] Like Christmas!

ahhh, so excited for December and for Christmasss

At any given moment you can hear landon playing or singing the man in the santa suit… the holidays have officially arrived :]

I woke up this morning and remembered that we have decorations up, it’s the little things that make me oh so happy. especially when california seems to be confused and is still in full fall-time mode[slash flood mode]