Color Analysis | Makeup

I love beauty products. I love the packaging, the options, the marketing campaigns, the releases of new collections, and products that become game changers. But despite finding beauty YouTubers + bloggers that I loved I was still struggling with finding what colors worked best on me. With color analysis of clothing, the articles that are closest to your face matter the most. A scarf and your top matter more than your bottoms and shoes for example.


After looking into Color Analysis early this Spring, I felt like I had a better sense of what colors were more flattering than others. As an effort to continue figuring it out, and after getting a surprise gift card form a kind friend in the mail to Nordstrom, I went to have my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter. It turned out to be a great experience, and one that my soul needed.

Most Pleasantly Surprised By: One of my favorite products from the night ended up being one that I would have never picked up before: their Enriched Face Base Cream. It was lemon scented and lingered the rest of the night, that goes down as amazing in my book.

Favorite Eyeshadow Trio: Ivory, Champagne Quartz + Heather. I would love to grab one of their 3 pan custom palettes down the road and put these three together, they’re beautiful. I was happy with their entire shade selection of eyeshadows: all very earthy, soft and muted but Heather was a standout : taupe meets dusty plum. It’s a hard one to find from other companies, trust me.

Why Didn’t  I Think of That: Plum Gel Liner. I often find that I love my makeup completely done right before I put on liner or mascara. The black often looks too harsh and I regret putting it on. For my green eyes, I loved the purple! It’s something I could see myself wearing often, especially in the fall.

Not As Bright as it Looks: the lip gloss, it was pretty and not crazy at all, promise.

Eh, I’ve Had Better: I was most disappointed with the foundation and the mascara. The foundation was too dewy for my skin + preference, and the mascara wasn’t anything special. For less I’ll stick with Make Up Forever’s Mat Velvet + Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Masara in waterproof.

I had finished my NARS Laguna bronzer and was hoping to find something to replace it and I totally did. Their bronzer in Golden Light was a perfect fit for me and what I walked out with. Now to just keep Paityn out of it…

Face Cream | Eye Cream |  Corrector | Concealer Kit | Foundation | Powder  | Bronzer: Golden Light | Blush: Nude Pink | Lip Color: Dusty Rose Artstick | Lip Gloss : Popsicle | Eyeshadow: Ivory | Eyeshadow: Champagne Quartz | Eyeshadow: Heather | Gel Liner: Violet Ink | Mascara ||

Color Analysis | Hair Color

One of the most important thing I got out of looking into color analysis is the idea of embracing our unique coloring and beauty. I grew up with parents who weren’t against colored hair, but who stood behind the idea that God is the greatest artists of them all. While that may be a little too spiritual or free-spirited for you, I think it’s a beautiful idea. I personally went light with my hair a few years ago then proceeded to go  lighter and lighter every year it seems. Then in 2012 I went very light and very short.


I blogged about my experience with short hair, with the pros and the cons, here and I stand behind how good it was for me to go short. Looking back I wish someone would’ve sat me down and asked what my end goal was, because I would’ve said long + wavy, but that’s alright! I went for the pixie cut + went platinum/level 10 blonde. After going so short I saw hair differently, was free to switch it up monthly, and my perception of beauty changed.

And now after a year and a half of growing it longer, I’m ready to go a lot closer to my natural color, or to at least find the most flattering shade of hair for my coloring.

I tried out a new Aveda Salon in town earlier this month, after seeing great reviews for a stylist there on Yelp, and went in with great expectations. I wanted her to be on the same page with me of working to help grow my hair out, and to work to find the most flattering hair color for me. I had really thought the stylist and I were on the same page. She had nodded her head at everything I said, responded with words like “ashy” and “tone down redness in your face” which is everything I wanted to hear. And then, my hair turned out like this. Oh, this was bad.


As she dried my hair, all of the lightener + toner washed out, she had my chair turned away from the mirror, and I could feel her apologizing with her fingers and she tenderly dried my hair. She took off the cape, told me how tan I now look, then walked me to the front desk without cutting my hair. Not about to have her walk me back after how things were going I tipped her over 20% [stupid. stupid. kyra] and left.

I put my hair up that weekend then called Monday morning explaining just how orange my roots were. Luckily the owner of the salon called me back, and offered to get me in Tuesday evening to fix it herself.

After three hours, that really only felt like 45 minutes, we had arrived at a color that we were both happy with. It’s not perfect, and it’s going to take a few more appointments + time to get to that perfect glossy natural blonde but I’m happy to say “so long!” to the level 10 platinum blonde highlights + all over color.


If you want to play with your hair color, do it, of course! But after a few years of testing things out here’s my tips for moving forward:

  • When scrolling through inspiration pictures keep in my mind your long-term goal. It’s easy to be distracted by something you think is a beautiful style. But like with color, there’s a difference between a beautiful cut or color, and a cut or color that looks beautiful on you. The two aren’t always the same
  • Be comfortable with the idea of finding your best hair color, regardless of what’s trending. Why let a website or magazine tell you what will look best on you?
  • Don’t be afraid to sit down with your stylist or good friend and ask, “what would be the most flattering shade of color for me?”
  • If you do decide on a light platinum blonde, purple shampoo should be in your arsenal for keeping it pretty
  • Consider if you enjoy visiting your hair dresser often to get you color touched up. Turns out I don’t. I love going in for a cut or the idea of getting my nails done, but sitting in foils for hours isn’t my idea of relaxation and pampering. If I can avoid it, I will. I can’t wait for my roots to grow in, just for it to finally not be a big deal!
  • and finally, Find someone who will work with you. Do they offer suggestion, admit when they’ve made a mistake, and work with you to achieve the look you want?

I’m hoping the stylist I first saw at the Aveda salon was having an off day. But I was the most disappointed that she didn’t own up to the fact that things didn’t go how we’d planned. It’s hair, for goodness sake, so let’s also be comfortable realizing that happens. But I need to be able to count on having someone who will go back to the bowl with me, and make it better.

In 7 weeks I’m going back to the same salon, with an appointment with the owner. And I vow to not start the highlights cycle, where in a years time, I’m platinum blonde all over again.

Color Analysis | Which Am I?

In my previous post I introduced the idea of color analysis. Though the idea may sound unnecessary or complicated, I’m intrigued by the way it can make shopping, finding your style and building your wardrobe easier once you’ve got it.

Because I have naturally lighter hair, lighter than a medium brunette, I am either a Spring or Summer. After reading through the Into Mind Blog, and watching the videos below in my last post, I was feeling confident that I was a Summer.

colour analysisAs I continued reading and learning, I found that things have been updated, and that there are actually 12 seasonal types, 3 variants for each season, which is especially helpful for those that weren’t perfectly defined before. But also complicates things a bit. The four seasons remained, Fall, Winter, Spring Summer, in addition to Soft, Light, Warm, Bright, Clear and Cool. I’m able to cross off 9 of the options and look more closely at  Light Summer, Soft Summer + Cool Summer.colour analysisRemember if you have darker hair check out her blog and check out the other 9 that apply to you: Light Spring, Clear Spring, Warm Spring, Soft Autumn, Warm Autumn, Deep Autumn, Cool Winter, Clear Winter, or Deep Winter and comment below what you find out!


color analysisFrom Into Mind:

1. Light: You are either a light Summer or a light Spring.
Your hair colour is light (blond or light brown), your skin is light for your ethnicity and your eyes are either a light blue, green or grey. You look best in the soft, light and muted shades of your colour palette, e.g. peach (Spring) or a pale lavender (Summer).

2. Cool: You are either a cool Summer or a cool Winter.
Regardless of whether you have light or dark skin/hair, your overall colouring has an underlying cool quality to it. Like the warm type, you also look best in the mid-range shades of your palette, e.g. emerald green (Winter) or periwinkle (Summer).

3. Soft: You are either a soft Summer or a soft Autumn.
There is little contrast between your skin, hair and eyes and your overall colouring is relatively close to neutral. Your hair is neither very light nor very dark. Your eyes are green, grey-blue, hazel or brown. You look best in soft, muted shades, e.g. olive green (Autumn) or blue teal (Summer).

She had me at the word soft + muted. Little contrast between skin, hair and eyes, yes. Neutral coloring, yes. Hazel/green eyes yes. Soft and muted shades, yes.  One last resource that helped me make my position from Reachel Bagley, Fashion Consultant over at Cardigan Empire comparing light summer + soft summer. She provides graphics for all twelve options so check her out if you’re still deciding. I’m officially calling myself a soft summer.

Most of all, I can see that though I can like wearing a variety colors, there’s a difference between wearing a beautiful color and wearing a color looking beautiful on you.

Which leads me to my next post, hair + makeup color. Until then, keep me posted on what you think!

Introduction to Color Analysis

The first time I was introduced to the idea of color analysis was a few years ago when a coworker shared an experience with me she had of going to  find her “season” back in the 80’s. At the time I thought it was mildly interesting at best, in a prim, proper and vintage sort of way.

Imagine my surprise then when a video popped up on my YouTube feed from a popular vlogger/stylist Mimi Ikonn, image consultant work background, discussing color analysis, in a modern, 2014 way. Though I didn’t personally like some of the colors she chose for her husband, I could totally see what she meant. He undoubtedly looked better in his color palette and season’s colors. It was then that I realized my whole life is a lie. OK not really, that’s a little dramatic. But try and watch that video without second guessing at least a few of your favorite tops.

After watching her video, I was hooked and wanted to know more. I found a blog Into Mind, a blogs about a minimalist approach to personal style and wardrobe building. She had put together an entire series about color analysis, which helped me to learn more about the topic overall, and start to determine what season I am.

Because I have hair that is lighter than medium brown I was able to quickly see that I will either be a Spring or Summer, not Fall or Winter. For my light haired readers follow along with me on this journey. For those of a darker haired variety check out her blog for more detail on the seasons that would suit you. And comment back and let me know what you find out!
Colours for the Spring Type

Colours for the Summer Type

So Spring vs Summer, the self diagnosing begins. Initially I feel like I’m a summer that dresses like a Spring, except for those greens, because, no. The coral, the light grey, deep blue and peach all have spots in my closet. Is that because those are colors I like, they’re easy to find in stores, or they truly look good on though, that is the question.

As I looked over the Summer colors though, I see some that would be a home run, but others are too pastel for my comfort zone.

Then I found that Mimi Ikonn did a follow up video, going through the shades of fabric she would give her clients in each season. One quick watch through this video helped me quickly settle the debate between Spring + Summer. That first cool toned, grey purple shade actually sealed the deal. I like the colors of the Spring pallet beautiful, but maybe more for accessories, bags, or bottoms. I am a Summer.


With my options narrowed down, I was able to see either way, Spring or Summer, I wear too much black. Check out my next post to go more in detail with me of determining which color pallet suits me best.

Let me know your thoughts/experiences with building your style and which colors look best on you! Remember this applies most to the colors that are near your face.