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[[ Thoughts on health as my second entry for the Sling Diaries Project with Sakura Bloom. You can find my previous entries in the tag above, and the other sweet mom’s posts/entries from our VI volume here ]]

14webPaityn and I sit cross-legged on the floor in the morning, bowls in our laps eating breakfast as we sleepily wake up. “I’m happy” she tells me, convinced that happy is the opposite of tired. The bowls contain greek yogurt with bran cereal sprinkled on top because I’m trying to be more mindful of my macros and nutrition again. So this is me trying to be better about hitting my protein and fiber goal. Because let’s be honest, carbs and fats are easy peasy. You’ll never catch me saying, “oh geez, this sure is hard to eat x amount of fats or carbs today!”

But protein and fiber are a struggle every time. And while I’m in the awkward stages of postpartum, both aesthetically and functionally, turns out hitting those numbers make life easier. So I’ll add a few fiji apples and bag of light popcorn to my day later, resolving to find ways to branch out with fiber sources tomorrow.

This postpartum journey is completely different from last time. I’m kinder and more patient with myself this go-round.

After I had Paityn, every day was a celebration. I had no idea what to expect from my body, so when the numbers dropped week after week I literally could not believe it. The message I had seen from the media and family alike is that the body is never the same after becoming a mom. That you’ll love your children and that it’ll all be worth it, but that you’ll never be the same.

I am not the same as I was before children.
I am hands down, a million times better off.


6webExperiencing birth twice gave me a confidence in myself that would’ve taken years to find. It’s like I hopped on the fast track to all the peaceful vibes. And I give birth all of the credit. Looking back, and if we’re being completely honest, pregnancy sucks. I tried to lean into it both times, and celebrate all the sweet moments. But it was those two births that offered me all the healing. Gone were all of the years of loathing this vessel I’d been given.

It gave me a fresh start.

With this fresh start I’ve discovered a sense of balance like you wouldn’t believe. And I’m not talking on the surface, day in the life of a nutrition nerd balance. The amount of chocolate that goes down in my life might stress some of you out for example. I mean the true-to-the-core balance.

A few nights a week Landon and the girls go to the track with me and cheer me on/play on social media while I jog 8 laps. My first postpartum run a few weeks ago I discovered this was my base, so I made a rule that I’d always do at least what I did that first day.

On other evenings he and I make use of the daycare at our gym and lift weights. I dream of having boulder shoulders and impressive biceps, but know that it takes time. So we go back and forth on sets, laughing about our faces during certain lifts and pushing each other and help with form on others.


Nightly we visit our little raised bed garden in a community garden, water the soil, and watch our seeds turn into plants.

Adding these things to our day takes a bit of extra effort. It requires turning off HGTV and dreaming about owning a tiny house and making a concerted effort to live in the present. There’s nothing Landon and I can do about our hardwood floor, large window and tall ceiling tiny home dreams, but there are things that we can do daily for our health. And those little things add so much joy to our day, and to our relationship.
11web 16web 18web 20web

Running a few miles, lifting weights, upping my fiber and protein, learning about square foot gardening, reading the scriptures and cutting out caffeine. These are the little things that have added so much joy and balance to my life. The process of pregnancy and birth taught me volumes about learning to listen to my body/soul and what it’s quietly begging for. At the end of the day I wholeheartedly believe that we all know a few things that we can do to better our health. We just need to turn off the insistent and ever-changing flow of health news for a second, and listen.

dress by Sonnet James, Sling by Sakura Bloom in Sencha, photos by Landon Faulkner Photography

Sling Diaries VI Entry | A Day In the Life

The sun wakes hours before we do. Landon left for work as it was just rising, kissing me softy, letting me know that I could stretch out and take up both sides of the bed. Getting comfortable at night is getting harder by the week. I slowly wake awhile later and begin my day warming up water for a cup of herbal tea that I’ll sip while I catch up on social media posts. I make a mental note to stay off my phone more today and to be present with you. You eventually begin to stir and sing to yourself in bed. You’re on a “let it go” kick that I really can’t mind when your little voice is that sweet. I wait till you decide it’s time to get out of bed and begin your day — you always let me know with an excited call for me, “mom!” I head back to your room to lift you up out of bed and you’re all smiles. Your arms are full of your favorite stuffed buddies that you don’t want to get left behind. You quickly realize you’d forgotten the bottle for your baby and scoop down to add that to your pile, which you manage somehow. SB- With your help I cook two bowls of couscous, your favorite and oh so unconventional breakfast lately. We sit on the kitchen floor and enjoy them, you laughing about one thing or another. You ask about dadda and I remind you that he’s at work. You’ve gotten used to this routine by now and nod your head, remembering that that’s how weekdays work for us. You love Landon with a love that books could be written about. Yours and my relationship feels different. For two years we’ve spent every day together. In my mind you and I are one, so our love feels simple and peaceful. You’re an independent soul though — spending the morning coloring pictures, exploring and playing while I check off things on my to-do list: a project, a blog post, a bit of reading of school. The second that I let you know that I’m free you run off to grab your shoes and quickly return to sit on my lap and have help putting them on so that we can go outside. We’ll look for “the pups”, swing in the swings, kick a ball around in the grass, and I try to resist feeling as though I have to capture every moment. Today I’ll let just being with you be enough. Other days I’ll snap a million pictures of you, or we’ll go on a lunch date, or pick up some chocolate. The pregnancy cravings are real. IMG_2823 IMG_2865-4IMG_2872-4 IMG_2837 Our afternoons are spent with the windows open, now that it’s warming up outside, and music playing in the background. You nap for another few hours, buying me time to pull our house together and work on a few more things. Lately it seems like there’s always something to do; my brain is constantly running. By late afternoon we start our routine again — you slowly waking up, singing to yourself. It’s “Let It Go” again. Soon we’ll welcome a new little babe into our home and I know our days together will have to change, but I don’t think it’ll be for the worse. Just this morning you were trying to scoop the air above my belly, telling me, “mama, I want baby out!” You’re ready, and I am so grateful for that. I know that no matter what the adjustment phase of getting used to a second little girl will be like, that we’ve got this.  Together we’ll figure it out.
IMG_2875-2 IMG_2898-5IMG_2877

Entry for the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries, Round VI || all photos by Landon