Love Where You Live Series: Zion National Park

A Love Where You Live series was inspired by two thoughts —

kicking the mindset of wishing for a better day/week/life somewhere tropical to the curb
+ all of the places that I regretted not visiting when we moved away from utah for california in 2012

I hoping to inspire you in some little way to love where you live, wherever that may be, through this series. If you happen to live or plan to visit Utah I hope these posts will be helpful as you look for adventures to do on your own! So get your national park pass and let’s do this.


The first stop for our series this summer led us to Zion National Park, in Southern Utah. I spent my freshman year of college a few minutes west of the park but managed to only go once that entire year. Landon and I had been once, the first year we were married, but when the weather showed it as the only stop on our bucket list not getting rain or snow this past weekend we didn’t mind.


Once Landon got home from work Friday evening — we packed a few bags, through a tent and sleeping bags in the car (changed a headlight or two) and headed south to Cedar City for the night. Normally I’d be all for staying the night a little closer to the park, and camping it up, but we grabbed a hotel room off of Priceline and cuddled up for the night: three of us in the bed and Paityn on the floor in her sleeping bag, because she saw Landon pack it in the car and wasn’t so keen on having to wait till the next night to sleep in it.

In the morning we got ready for the day, grabbed breakfast together still at the hotel then headed off to find sunscreen and groceries. I was optimistic and looking forward to getting some sun on my arms and having sandal tan lines by the end of the weekend. Turns out we spent the morning with our jackets + hoods on… but it was nice to not have to worry about protecting little Hudson from the sun for our first real adventure together. I’m a silver lining kinda girl. 
Though 90% of the time when you hear about Zion National Park, you’re hearing about a stretch on the south end of the park — there’s a lot more to explore than that. Landon talked me into switching it up and scoping out the Kolab Canyon/north-west side of Zion’s that morning. And oh that husband of mine has the best ideas sometimes. Even when I don’t recognize it at first haha.

We checked in at the visitor’s center to show them our pass then had our jaws hit the floor as we began to drive through the Canyons. You guys, Southern Utah is gorgeous. That red rock just makes my heart giddy.

I’m not going to lie — everything took longer this trip than I expected. We found an area/trail that we wanted to explore, parked and then Hudson had to nurse. And then Paityn needed a diaper change. And then Hudson needed her diaper changed. And then a storm blew in so we changed her into warmer clothes. But I tried to not stress, figuring at 5 weeks postpartum I could pat myself on the back for whatever happened that day. We ended up taking the Lee Pass Trailhead which was easy peezy for the bit that we did. Beautiful views of the canyons without much work (:


Around noon or so, give or take an hour, we were on the shuttle (having driven the rest of the way down to Springvale) headed to the Visitor’s Center. Not wanting to do a play by play for the rest of the day, here are things that worked (or didn’t work for us) —

  • Get there early if you can! (haha) The parking lots inside of the park fill up quickly. Have no fear — they’ve planned for this and have street parking starting in Springvale with frequent stops to get you into the park. But this does add time which can be a bugger if you’re wanting to be on a trail
  • Have a plan. Map out a few hikes you’d like to do — Landon and I loved Angel’s Landing and Riverside Walk continued with the Narrows day hike last time we’d been but didn’t feel up for either with two littles. The first has sketchier footings at the top and the second includes a decent amount of wading through water through the Narrows.
  • There are plenty of simple trails to do with kids so we chose the shorter Emerald Pool Trail and grabbed lunch at the Zion’s Lodge stop and ate that $13 burger combo out on the large field of grass while letting Paityn run around.
  • Skip having to grab overpriced burgers or slices of pizza in the canyon if you can. See above mistake haha. But that’s just me! I’m always thinking in terms of — this could’ve been sushi.
  • Stop and take in the views, don’t let the rush of people doing their own thing throw you off. Take those extra moments, tell your significant other to wait just one more second for you. Take a billion pictures, or just enjoy it camera free. You can’t go wrong.

Zion-5Zion-9Zion-18zion-flowersZion-17 Zion-3Zion-2Zion-13

All in all it was a beautiful weekend. Southern Utah completely has my heart, and I’m looking forward to spending all summer exploring the red rock parts of this state. Hike wise I’m realizing now we really only got two in this weekend — but I must not have noticed at the time because that wasn’t why we were really there. I wasn’t there for a workout or to work off lunch; we were there to take in the beautiful scenes of the area and to spend time with the girls. Mission freaking accomplished.

Bonus: Paityn picked up the words “hike” and “tent” and has asked to do it again all day today. Oh we love that girl.

Life Lately

one of my favorite moms Karra shared this tag on her blog just us & the babes, and I wanted to join in to keep it going. here’s a few thoughts from our life this week:

EXCITED ABOUT | our little 10’x4′ raised bed garden and Landon’s cheerful face as of late
LOVING | photos of tiny houses and walks in the evening with the girls
WORKING ON  | creating a backdrop for photos of our baby girl later this week // tutorials here + here
READING  | Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. the short review: two thumbs up
BROWSING | summer hat options, determined to find one I love this year. send help
HULU – ING | brooklyn nine -nine, fresh off the boat ++ shark tank
WISHING FOR | well, a little home gym to workout in while the girls nap this afternoon wouldn’t suck
SIPPING | diet coke
WONDERING | where we’ll be this fall and all about herb gardens. and if I’m deficient in magnesium.
LOOKING FORWARD TO | bryce canyon this weekend!
NERVOUS ABOUT | money + if I’m on track with postpartum progress. thankfully both are fixable  ♡


Temple Square in the Springtime

As my due date neared at the end of March/beginning of April I started crossing my fingers that I’d go into labor right before General Conference and Easter weekend. Nothing sounded quite as lovely as watching conference in our hospital room with a new babe to cuddle. Of course I didn’t go into labor early and spent conference weekend having false contraction… but! being on temple square with that new babe this past weekend felt almost as sweet.

We let Paityn lead the way as we walked through the gates — through rows and rows of flowers she stopped to smell as many as she could. When we found ourselves on the East side, I hung back a bit and let she and Landon run around, taking in the peace that can always be found on those grounds as well as all of the other families happily running around and wedding parties taking photos outside of the temple.

The sweet moments passed as a storm blew in and we ran for cover inside the visitor’s center. It all went downhill from there with a blowout diaper, realizing all of our diapers were back in the car, an all out tantrum from Paityn over not getting a glass bottled San Pellegrino in Blue Lemon where we stopped for a quick sugar cookie only to find out they were out, and continued meltdown city till we’d wrangled her back in her carseat and begun to drive home. But for a few moments there, oh I could’ve sworn we were in heaven. (:

IMG_8497IMG_8483IMG_8521-2 IMG_8488IMG_8468“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

Love Where You Live: Rockport State Park, UT

When Landon and I started making a plan for what to do last weekend and camping came up I didn’t miss a beat: “yes, yes, yes!” We hadn’t been camping since last winter when we camped in the snow with Chelsea and Josh. It was time to get outside again.

Friday after work we packed up and headed up to SLC to meet up with Avery and Trever and head over to Rockport State Park. It was late and dark by the time we got in, so we picked a site at random and begun to pitch our tents and get settled in for the night — all the while being surrounded by (what felt like) hundreds of deer and a cool breeze.

The temperature quickly dropped in the short time it took till Landon, Paityn and I were all cuddled up in our tent but I didn’t think anything of it. That was until I woke up 500 times in the middle of the night on account of a full bladder, because, hello I’m 37 weeks pregnant and why didn’t I think of this? At some point late into the night the potential of facing a deer and the certain cold and darkness wasn’t as miserable sounding as I felt staying in the tent. Moments later, tucked back in our sleeping bag I was suddenly beyond hungry; you know because there was now room for food. Pregnancy is so awkward sometimes. IMG_4626

Somehow I got enough sleep that night and joined everyone for breakfast in the morning and a bit of slack-lining. As the day continued to warm up with packed up the cars and went off to explore our surroundings. We didn’t have to go far to find a beautiful sandy beach and blue waters of the resolver. Paityn was immediately tugging her shirt up and asking to “shwim! shwim!”


IMG_0116IMG_0107 I’m convinced this girl was made to live by the ocean. Or at least some body of water. We made promises to take her swimming at the pool sometime this week and to return once summer hits for sure. To be fair when we offered to let her dip her toes in she suddenly wasn’t so keen on even that. But playing in the sand and watching Roamer runner around just made her day.

IMG_0113 IMG_0115

The closer the due date comes for this little babe of ours, the more I’m itching to get out and explore Utah. I’m over here like “forget nesting! let’s go on a long drive!”  Luckily Landon is level headed and responsible and found this gem on such short notice. By early afternoon we were back in Park City grabbing lunch all together, comparing sun burnt faces and making plans to do it again soon. Which is perfect because I’m hoping to turn this into a summer series — all about loving where you live + sharing spots around where we live. Let me know if you have any can’t-miss spots in UT for us to explore.


a Weekend In Idaho

This past weekend we headed over to Idaho to visit my brother Kyle and his cute wife and son Riddick. When we moved away to California a few years ago I felt bad that we hadn’t made more of an effort to see them — feeling like they were so far away, when in reality they were a 3 hour drive away, and that once in California they’d be 12+ hours away. So once we planned to move back to UT I thought hooray! a second chance at not sucking at visiting family. And then before we knew it and it was March and we hadn’t seen them yet. *womp womp*

I take that back, they drove out to see us the second week that we’d moved in! So by “we hadn’t seen them yet” I meant, we hadn’t made the effort to go see them in ID yet. So learn from us! If you have family or friends within a 5 hour radius schedule in a time to see them in the next month. I promise it’s a shorter drive than you think.

Paityn and I drove up to Salt Lake to meet Landon at his office which in of itself was a victory. Once of my goals last year was to become more comfortable with driving, so let me just, ah, pat myself on the back.



We got in to Rexburg later Friday night than we’d expected — totally our fault with taking too long with “just a few short stops” in Salt Lake  before we hit the road. But Saturday we woke up ready to party. Kyle and Heather fixed us up a tasty breakfast then we all got ready and headed up to Idaho Falls. My favorite part of day was watching Paityn and Riddick run around near the Idaho Falls Greenbelt, feeding the ducks, and running after the geese. Which I’ll admit it, freaked me out.

Later that evening after the babies had a chance to take a nap we went to check out the BYU Idaho campus where Kyle and Heather met.

IMG_3455IMG_3384IMG_3451-2IMG_3503 IMG_3359-2



That night, after some pizza we grabbed Big Hero 6 which Landon was so stoked to watch. Not exactly my cup of tea, don’t hate me! But he and Paityn were happy as can be with how it went. In the morning we got to go to church together then hit the road by early afternoon to head back home. It was so nice to see them again, and to feel like with each time we see them, or any part of the family — that those relationships are strengthened. I’m ready to make time with family + getting out on adventures here in Utah such a larger priority this Spring and Summer. My bucket list is growing.


Hogle Zoo | Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesdays are notorious for being difficult, but this Wednesday was a gem for Paityn and I. My aunt texted first this morning and invited us to tag along with them up to Salt Lake City to take advantage of the free day at the Hogle Zoo. We of course immediately said yes.

IMG_1953I had expected Paityn to be smiling ear to ear with each new animal that we saw. Instead, she spent the first half reserved and taking everything in. I don’t blame the little one, it was babies, strollers and animals galore. By early afternoon however she was begging to be let down from the stroller and soon ran free with my cousins holding their hands and checking everything out. It was just the reaction I’d be waiting for from her.

IMG_1994 IMG_2008 IMG_2039IMG_7828IMG_1998 IMG_2066
I loved learning that the zoo opened up with an initial investment of $153 in 1912. I love a good success story! Now over 100 years later it’s a beautiful zoo that’s focused on making good things happen. I have sweet memories of visiting the Hogle Zoo during summer trips that our family would take to visit family in the states from Alaska.

Now I’m dreaming of being back on a warm summer day in sandals, playing in the splash ponds and spending more time letting Paityn take it all in.

We’re now dealing with a lack of a nap breakdown while I try to blog and whip out a few papers for school. And it’s suddenly feeling a little more like Wednesday after all.

Feel free to join in on the It’s The Little Things tag with Jess at Sadie Sky Boutique Blog HERE and see our past posts on this tag HERE

a Weekend in Park City

This past week I got to spend three days with Columbia up in Deer Valley as Landon’s ‘plus one’. They recently chose him to be their newest OmniTen member, a group they started in early 2012 of outdoor enthusiasts who could join along in adventures and testing out their gear, sometimes around the world. This past round they only chose 1 instead of 10, and it just so happened to be my handsome bearded husband.

Before we left for Alaska, packages full of apparel started arriving at our door. We immediately popped off the tags and put them to use in Alaska — the jackets + base layers especially (so warm!).

Then after being home for just a few days from our Christmas trip we got to take off again, but this time without Paityn. This was our first overnight trip without her. I felt a little teary eyed on the drive over that Thursday morning to my aunt’s house who’d amazingly agreed to watch her while we were gone. Seeing Paityn excitedly run off and start playing dolls with my cousin her age when we arrived made getting back in the car without her so much easier.

IMG_7208 IMG_7210 IMG_7213 IMG_7253

We got to stay at the Lodges at Deer Valley and spent the first little bit getting settled in and freshening up before meeting up with Tori Lesikar our trusty leader + alumni OmniTen member Rebecca and her husband David. The positives of the hotel included an amazing breakfast in the morning, walk in closets, a deep tub and a little kitchenette. The negatives included just one thing: having a King sized bed. You guys, that is just entirely too much room for two people. I was missing our Full sized bed back home by the end of the trip. [Who does that??]

Thursday afternoon, once everyone was settled in — Tori having flown in from Columbia HQ in Portland + Rebecca and David having flown in from San Jose, we met up and took off to tour the USSA Center of Excellence in Park City. Let me tell you, I sure wouldn’t mind training surrounded by posters of Olympic medalists everywhere! Talk about motivation. Together we were guided by one of the coaches himself through some of the fitness, altitude/elevation and nutrition training that they are perfecting. It was a quiet day for training but we ended up running into Columbia sponsored athlete Hannah Kearney mid post-workout ice bath and got to see her later on that weekend competing in the World Cup. Which brings us to why we were in Deer Valley for the weekend. The FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup!


Every evening we bundled up and headed up to the event to cheer on the US skiers. Thursday we watched Aerial Finals (above), Friday Moguls Finals and Saturday evening Dual Moguls Finals. I might not be a skier, but you can’t not be impressed when watching. Speaking of not being a skier, that also meant that I wasn’t cleared by my midwives to join in on the free ski time Friday and Saturday mornings. Which turned out to be so ok. I curled up with a steamer in the lodge near the fireplace and relaxed Friday, then rested my achy eyes and took my time getting ready Saturday before taking a car to meet up with the group for lunch.


One of my favorite parts of the weekend was Friday evening walking around downtown Park City then grabbing dinner at Handle. It was a new to us restaurant as well as being new to the space. Our driver let us know it was the third or so place that had been in that spot in the past five years, so I’m hoping it sticks around! From the simple yellow craspedia on the tables, their logo, the atmosphere, to the small plate concept I was in love. I was so in love.IMG_7308 IMG_7313

Saturday’s World Cup Events wrapped up around 9pm or so with fireworks, awards and the biggest, fluffiest snow I have seen in a long time. After it was all over, and we’d attempted photos by the platform, we headed back to the Lodge. Everyone else headed up to grab drinks + Landon and I went back to our rooms to finish the talks we had to give in church the next morning. (doh!) Shoutout to Columbia for hosting such a fun filled weekend and for letting me tag along.

I can’t wait to try skiing next season, and to get Paityn on a pair of her own little skis. Oh I would just die.

A Surprise Trip Home to Alaska

Surprise! We didn’t go to California for the holidays, and truth be told, that wasn’t ever the plan. The real plan I had to keep quiet for a few months now, with the help of my mom, to surprise my sisters and dad. Which was harder than I thought.

The closer the trip got I knew there was something we had to get through first — 6+ hours on the plane with our toddler. More than once I lamented the fact that I wasn’t still nursing. I mean, how easy would that be? It sure made flying with Paityn when she was 4 months easy. But I’m not, so this go round we had to get a little more creative, while still relying on food as a distraction. Obviously.

What We Packed

I researched a bit online of tips and tricks and things that are OK to take on the plane with your toddler, and then relied on what we hoped Paityn would love to fill in the rest.

Knowing we’d need to pack winter clothes we checked two bags leaving room in our carry on to include only things we’d need as we traveled. We brought with us a backpack filled with snacks, a few baby food pouches that TSA thankfully cleared, an empty sippy cup, a book full of stickers and Skullcandy headphones that fit Paityn on the smallest setting and when worn backwards. We also downloaded a handful of Daniel Tiger episodes from iTunes to our phones — which is just her jam. Then in our hands we carried her favorite baby and stuffed bear, blanket and the Ergo.

Our Experience
Wednesday morning we woke early to get ready, grab last minute things and right before we left Landon gave Paityn a sweet blessing to help her be comfortable and calm as we traveled on one of the busiest days of the year. Then off we went to my aunt’s house who had saved the day earlier that week and offered to take us to the airport.


From the start of our traveling experience till the end things went as ideal as I could’ve ever imagined. Getting through security was an absolute breeze — we didn’t even have to take our shoes off! We had the perfect amount of time to grab breakfast and some juice to fill up her cup. We resisted boarding early to minimize the time Paityn had to be stuck in a seat on the plane. When we did board we amazingly found that our trick of booking the window and aisle seat worked — no one had booked the seat in-between us. Do I get to call this a Christmas Miracle?

IMG_6672Our layover in Seattle was only an hour or so, but Paityn was spent, having not napped yet. She totally kept it together, but got a little weird. Running around with her tongue out and spinning in circles weird. We just went with it as best we could. Except for those few minutes where I was walking back to our terminal carrying lunch in my arms and she decided to sprawl out on the busy walkway floor and fuss. That was a little stressful.

Our Seattle to Fairbanks flight was my largest concern, it’s a solid 4 hours and even makes me antsy. Luckily Paityn passed out in Landon’s arms after take off (and after sticking stickers all up and down her arm) and stayed out for the next two hours. She spent the next two happily watching Daniel Tiger on our laps, having some snacks and just hanging out. Have I mentioned it just went ideal? We were so spoiled.

We touched down in Fairbanks a little before 4:30pm and were welcomed by pitch black outside and my mama waiting for us downstairs! On the short drive over we made a game plan of how to surprise my dad and sister — we decided on setting Paityn on our porch right outside the door, dinging the doorbell then running to hide. From around the corner we got to watch my dad turn on the porch light, open the door, and find Paityn just standing waiting on the other side. So sweet!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be home. We’re enjoying an easy Christmas Eve all together, which is just what I hoped for. I’m calling this trip a success so far! But have to make this trip again in another 7 days, so if you have any extra tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!


Utah Favorites 01

After posting everything that I was loving about the idea of a tiny house life in San Diego it only seemed fair to post about things that I’m loving about Utah. I’ll be the first person to tell you how much I love Utah and that we get to be here. So I’ll post these periodically as we find new things here to love!

The Frontrunner, an easy way to avoid traffic and relax for a bit on your way north to Salt Lake City.


Antelope Island, where Paityn and I spent a few hours checking out tourist spots + looking for bison while Landon ran his first 50K!
Mend Juicery, in the Provo Riverwoods. I tried the sweetest green juice that they offered and still need a little help getting used to drinking my veggies.IMG_4113
Getting to see Landon in his element working for Teton Sports and spending a morning in Big Cottonwood Canyon shooting photos with them.IMG_4228
Beautiful hikes in the fall leaves up in Provo Canyon, even if my pregnant self is a little slower than normal. First trimester energy levels are a joke. IMG_4265 IMG_4291
Camping in the Uintas right by Clegg Lake with our buddies Chelsea + Josh. Such a beautiful area and not another person to be seen for miles. Which when hiking in at 10pm in the pitch black was both a negative and a positive. IMG_4399 IMG_4400
3B Yoga. You guys it’s everything I dreamed of in a studio and more. I tried out the Primary Series class on Monday evenings, a 90 minute class, and had so many personal victories because of the contagious encouraging vibe in there. IMG_4417
Studio K, a Bumble and Bumble salon.  I had heard of their salon through The Beyouty Bureau and I can’t see myself ever having to find a different place while we’re here. Ask for Sarah!IMG_4556
Other undocumented favorites from Utah so far are the ultimate grilled cheese from Zupas (pesto sauce, tomatoes + more!), playdates with new friends from our condo, rock climbing wall double dates, temples such a short drive away, Swig cookies, fry sauce, and the pending snow. The standard movie dates in, falling asleep cuddled up, and efforts to make adventure have carried over easily from California.

We might not live in a tiny house with chickens yet, but you guys, life is really good here. And I can’t wait to see what we’ll fall in love with in the next few months.

Santa Cruz

Last weekend we headed off for the coast for what will possibly be one of our last California adventures before we pack up this little apartment of ours and head off for Utah. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite weekends.

We left early Friday morning and stopped in Oakland around 9am to first meet with Tony from Edgevale USA at a local coffee shop. The boys talked business + apparel outside while Paityn and I woke up with a bagel and some amazing people watching opportunities. Oh Oakland. From there the four of us walked over to meet up with the guys at Bedrock Sandals to hear + see what’s new with them. From there we said our goodbyes, grabbed some lunch + hit the road for Santa Cruz.

After learning our lesson with San Francisco we went for the easy parking option right across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, twelve dollars and oh so worth it!

IMG_1485 IMG_1508IMG_1520 IMG_1527 IMG_1538

IMG_1542 IMG_1554 IMG_1561Poor little guy. He was popular though! A few other groups huddled around after seeing what we were taking a photo of. IMG_1568 IMG_1570 IMG_1574 IMG_1580
Stopping to rest our feet and share a little clam chowder sample.IMG_1586 IMG_1591 copy
This little girl might not have known what to think of the ocean, but the birds everywhere however, she was loving. As long as she stayed far away from the guard rail I was good.
IMG_1604 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1637 IMG_1648 IMG_1652 IMG_1668 IMG_1670
We found a falafel hut to rival the one we tried back home in Alaska! It wasn’t an exact match, but I wasn’t complaining as I ate every last bite.IMG_1675
And then, because it’s tradition we ended early evening after spending all day in the sun and exploring local shops with Pizza My Heart. We were excited to see that there Santa Cruz location had tripled in size since we’d been there last year. Then with full + happy stomachs, and after stopping at my favorite boutique next door, we headed off to go camping for the evening. Which is another adventure for another post.


San Francisco

The past two years that we’ve lived in Northern California I’ve been convinced that there was fun to be had in San Francisco, we just had to find it! Landon and I had spent a day of our honeymoon 3 years ago taking the ferry into SF and spending the day exploring.

So a week or so ago, we headed down there again with the intent of doing San Francisco in a Day. Though we were so much more committed to making it happen than half-hearted attempts in the past, we planned to just wing parking once we got there. A friend on instagram had shared an easy parking tip of grabbing chocolate from the World Market wharf location and getting 2 hours parking for free. Which sounded perfect in theory, if I could go back I would’ve planned to just pay the expensive day fee at a lot from the start. That way we would’ve been free to wander wherever our feet take us for the tour, without having to back track and move our car and find another spot.

That said, we had such a lovely time. It was 67 and cloudy which was just the break from our heat that we were looking for.

PS: I’ve got a sweet story about Fresh Crab + French Bread from Landon’s grandma Nanu if you’ve got a second and a few kleenex.




The wharf was probably my favorite part of the day. The scent of seafood, view of the open water, feeling of community, and street performers singing Let it Be just made my day.

IMG_1394IMG_1346IMG_1398We decided next time we visit, bikes are for sure the way to go. 
IMG_1390 IMG_1386IMG_1378 IMG_1368Though we might not have had bikes this go round, a stroller was a dream for this day trip. Our little girl isn’t so little anymore. 
By early afternoon, after charging our camera battery and resting for a bit at a Starbucks we headed out to check out the Palace of Fine Arts.  It’s a beautiful landmark and parking was easy to find right along the street. IMG_1432IMG_1421IMG_1415
Just a few minutes [bird’s eye] from where we just were, we could already feel our hearts slowing down a bit.
We only made a dent in the possibilities are to be had in San Francisco, I just know it. But unfortunately we’re out of time. So I’ll be taking notes from sweet Annie over at MontgomeryFest, who just moved back to the states with her husband, to San Francisco to be exact. Continue reading “San Francisco”

Truckee, California

On Saturday my family and I headed up to Truckee to explore the area + attempt to beat the heat; we succeeded with our first goal. Man that 7000 ft elevation change makes you feel the sun’s rays!

Our hungry stomachs led us to lunch the second we arrived. Once refueled we made our way to the Emigrant Trail Museum because my mom’s a sucker for historical monuments. I just so happen to be the opposite, otherwise I’d insert lots of fun facts about the Donner Party and their carnivorous ways.

One of our favorite parts of Truckee, besides the beautiful forested views and cute vibe is their downtown shops. We put our new stroller to good use and showed my family our favorite spots. From checking out the new things the cute boutique Bespoke has for sale to discovering a new shop with fudge squares, my heart was happy.

We moved on and started our way back slowly, checking out a few other towns on the way back, but I made a mental note to explore Truckee more when we had a free weekend together. The store California 89 does dinner + a movie every Friday, there’s a Lululemon location I’d love to buy my first pair of wunder unders from, a handful of yoga studios, and we’re sure — beautiful hikes to be had!

Continue reading “Truckee, California”

Summer Bucket List

Happy first official day of summer!

Today I wanted to introduce a blog I’m loving + her free summer bucket list printable. I recently found Ann-Marie Espinoza at Ann-Marie Loves on instagram where her feed is beautiful, but her blog is even better. She’s a soon to be mom in Southern California with bright, colorful and creative posts. Check her out HERE!

Here’s our Summer Bucket List for Northern California.
I’ll check back in when the season turns to fall with a photo for each one.

South Lake Tahoe
Santa Cruz
Yosemite National Park

Fireworks on the 4th of July
Drive-in movie

Pad Thai at a new-to-us restaurant
Dinner outside a tent in the woods
Cream puff from Beard Papa’s

Full day walking in San Francisco
Bike the Golden Gate Bridge
Yoga in the park

Dream Catchers
Shish kabobs
New Tradition


But first, Paityn needs a nap. Happy summer guys!


Ashland, Oregon | From My Eyes

Monday was a day that just made my soul + heart happy. We got to spend the day with my parents and two youngest sisters; taking our time getting ready in the morning then playing around in Ashland, Oregon for the afternoon.
^ashland-2^blankets from Austria: we’ll take one of each, please!

^^ giraffes are my favorite. that giraffe however, might be my favorite giraffe of all the fake giraffesIMG_9823

^^beautiful little studs with streamlined packaging, yes yes yesAshlandIMG_9835IMG_9839IMG_9815IMG_9903IMG_9873

^^when spending time with family makes you love your husband that much more 
IMG_9834^^classic Kelsey + Kyra photo everything 
IMG_9833IMG_9851 IMG_9861

^^ Monday, the one day of the week where the stage goes dark in Ashland
IMG_9896 IMG_9891

^^and exploring one of the 93 acres of Lithia Park in Ashland

Ashland was such a beautiful green city with rolling green hills and a fun personality. After walking out of a local running store downtown, Landon and I were both sold which whether it’ll ever happen or not feels good. Finding cities, companies, or people who mesh well with who you are [or want to be] is such a good feeling. The best part was having my parents and sisters there, and that it felt so natural. I decided halfway through the day that maybe it was a good thing I didn’t use my miles and fly home two weeks ago when I was so homesick and just wanted to be with them. The two weeks ended up flying by, we’ll get to spend more time together in a few weeks, and now Landon + I still have the miles to fly up and see them when fall or winter sets in.