2019: Word For the Year & Goals

Word for the year:

  • Energetic
  • Faithful
  • Grateful

Goals for the year:

  • Baby Step 2 | Complete the Dave Ramsey Baby Step no. 2 by August 2019
  • Baby Step 3 | Complete the Dave Ramsey Baby Step no. 3 by end of year 2019
  • BYU Pathways | Complete the BYU Pathways Program by end of summer 2019
  • BYU-I | Register for at least 1 BYU-Online Course this Fall Semester
    • Map out degree with advisor. Calculate est. graduation date

  • Cooking | Master a new dinner & dessert recipe a/mo
  • Daily Schedule | Establish a daily schedule for 2019: stick to it
  • Date Night | Create a habit in scheduling in date night & of using babysitters
  • Scriptures | Read / Listen to a Book a Month
  • Minimalist | Have a minimalist mind-set in 2019
  • Teach | Teach Paityn how to read
  • Schedule Fun | Schedule time for fun with the girls each week
  • Run | Lean into the discomfort of running, continue making progress with adding on miles
  • Workouts | Maintain the habit of the gym 4x a week

How about you? What’s your word for the year and / or goal that you’re most excited to focus on this year?

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