Summer Evening Park Dates

My poor daughter asks to go outside or on a walk more times during the day than I can count. She never begs or whines, it’s always the simple question, “owside?” And then she listens to my list of things we have to do first, “real quick.”

More times than not my well intentioned answer is, “yeah! just let me just take a shower first.”  An hour later, my hair finally done and a little makeup on my face, little sister’s now hungry, Paityn begins to lose patience quickly which makes me look at the clock and realize that if she doesn’t get a nap right then she won’t get one all day. Our adventures outside get put on hold again and again.

Today was that kind of day exactly. Except instead of falling asleep for a nap Paityn sang and talked out loud from her crib while I did my hair. And then after an hour or so she called for me, and I came running to find her hands and shirt covered in poop. *deep sigh.*



So tonight was our second chance.

Landon came home armed with chocolate for his stressed out wife. We picked up the house, got both girls dressed in clean clothes — Paityn having since been scrubbed down for her second bath for the day.

We grabbed the soccer ball, a few books to read, and Ellie the elephant. I threw on my new dress from Sonnet James and some saltwater sandals making a mental note to check to see if they’re still ok to wear this year.

The second we rounded the corner in the stroller she were begging for me to take her sandals off and let her down. She ran freely for a few minutes. Then taking my hand we attempted to sneak up and get close to a few Robins. Realizing dandelions were easier to play with than birds she switched her attention, her eyes lighting up every time she found a new wishflower.

IMG_8693 IMG_8682 IMG_8813 IMG_8827

Life has gotten busy with two babies, but I feel bad about all of the time outside that we’re missing because I let life get in the way. I’m resolving to stick to my goal of a habit this next week to shower first thing in the morning; so that the first time Paityn asks to go “owside” I can finally respond, “yes! go grab you shoes!” And on days that I haven’t made it in yet, I’m resolving to be ok with going to the park with a giant pineapple of hair on top of my head. Showers can wait.


Stokke Crusi + sibling seat || Sonnet James Florence Dress || Solly Baby Wrap in Orchid

3 thoughts on “Summer Evening Park Dates

  1. kyrafaulkner

    you’re so sweet, thanks karra! made myself go out to the park today pre shower… totally worth it. can’t wait till we have a little backyard of our own! ♡


  2. karra

    I totally feel you on getting ready and then the second babe needing to nurse. and then nap time. We’re basically living in our back yard these days though and I am so happy it’s summer! PS. you look STUNNING!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mika Beggs

    I feel ya. Though I don’t have an infant, Im always struggling with juggling house duties, a toddler begging to go “side?” and an 8 year old with way too much energy. Your doing great mama!

    Liked by 1 person

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