The First Two Weeks

The time flew by quickly as time often does during a transition phase of life. One second we were packing up our things in the hospital and putting Hudson in her car seat to go home, the next minute both of our moms had come to visit and then returned to their homes again.

I’m a big believer in getting out of the house once a day — so starting with that first official night home from the hospital we ventured out for dinner with Avery and Trever along to help. We caught up over nachos at Costa Vida on how Paityn did spending the night with them, learning that she woke up multiple times crying for the baby (having seen Hudson the day before when they came to visit us in the hospital.) We got our turn the next few nights as she did the same — waking up just whimpering for the baby.

Pink eye had (of course) decided to land in both of her eyes the day we brought Hudson home so Landon would curl up with Paityn helping her fall asleep safely away from the little one.

By then my sweet mom had flown in from Alaska and was able to help with the 24 hour quarantine phase, and we got right back to little outings every day. The mall one day to grab a nursing friendly dress, grocery shopping and or the park another day. Landon was back to work a week after Hudson was born, but those six days together meant so much to me and our relationship. I can’t tell you how much my love for him grew in that short amount of time.


One of my favorite nights with him was the night that Utah got hit with a random/freak windstorm. Without any real plans for the evening — my mom spending the night with her sisters, we packed the girls in the car and went for a drive. I hope I’ll be able to remember those sweet emotions forever. The simple but strong love in the air as we turned on some music and drove North and then up the canyon. Nothing to talk about we joked and laughed and held hands and watched the clouds close in on us, the sky becoming rusty colored and dark. Then up the canyon we went, the clouds parting revealing peaks of brighter sky and the ground showing off some of winter’s snow. I accidentally also fell even more in love with Utah that night and vowed to never leave.

At some point we headed off to Pizzeria Limone to share a pizza and diet coke as the storm intensified in wind and rain. Paityn was the happiest camper, having finally gotten her first nap for the day on the drive. Again we ate and laughed, and I nursed Hudson for the first time in public. We got kind smiles from strangers in the restaurant who were sitting out the storm, the kind of smiles that somehow reassure every decision that led up to where you are now.

FullSizeRender (2)


There were a few days in these first two weeks that weren’t quite as romantic and lovely. Paityn’s struggle to fall asleep without Landon near by kept up long after the pink eye was gone. I saw a jealous side of her for the first time during a random nursing session, and then saw it again and again. It’s hard when I just have one lap but two babies that want to (or one that needs to) be on it. Speaking of we can’t forget the days of counting down from ten and closing my eyes tightly every time Hudson would latch on, and wondering if that dang Lansinoh was even doing anything. But looking back if my biggest pain postpartum has really nothing to do with being postpartum or from labor, then that’s probably something to celebrate. After a day or two of ibuprofen after coming home from the hospital I was really feeling great. Huzzah!IMG_0824

Now that this pregnancy has come to an end, I feel surprised at how complete our family feels now and how uninterested I feel towards the idea of pregnancy again. Which is totally ok! I have a sweet little daughter to get to know and fall in love with, and a two-year old who suddenly seems years older to me. Big sister looks good on her.


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