Growing Love Volume III

Yesterday as Landon and I crawled into bed for a Sunday nap, having finally gotten a sick and falling apart Paityn asleep in her crib, I found myself facing insecurities that I hadn’t realized I was dealing with. As I made myself cuddle up next to Landon, putting my arm around him, I realized how unnatural it suddenly felt compared to just months ago. Logistically cuddling one’s husband is a just a bit harder 9 months pregnant, but it was more than that. I started to realize other ways that I had been showing just how insecure I was lately without realizing it, all the way down to making less eye contact when we’d talk.

The marital relationship is an interesting one. What other relationship goes through quite as many phases of life that a husband and wife go through? And somehow, the best relationships learn how to evolve and grow together.

The secret, I’m realizing is to recognize and acknowledge that growth needs to happen. That we’re not the same couple we were even back in July when we first saw the plus sign for this second little babe. So we talk and talk and talk some more. We share our feelings, make each other a priority, and when in doubt, Landon orders a pizza to be delivered at the house for me when life is just too overwhelming.



But then there are the days when life is just good. And pregnancy doesn’t feel so hard. It’s those days that just make my world go round. When we can put down our phones, and don’t have anything important to talk about and we can just be. And life is easy. Those are the parts of this pregnancy that I want to remember. The hard days have their role, and the growth is happening! But I love documenting the sunny days. The days that we held hands, I did my hair, and we were a complete family. Just the three of us.

DSC_5459140303 DSC_5462140303 DSC_5483140303DSC_5522140303DSC_5547140303 DSC_5605140303 DSC_5640140303 DSC_5655140303


On a whim I found Shay Burr and her photography skills on Instagram and immdedialy proceeded to stalk her feed and photography blog. I’d been wanting to bring our Growing Love series back since moving to Utah but had struggled to find the perfect fit. I think we’ve found it!

Paityn wasn’t the most cooperative toddler in the world, so she was bribed with holding my phone and being able to watch the Let It Go song over and over again to her heart’s content. Which, by the way, I’ve created a button on my phone that goes directly to the video for her. This isn’t a battle I’m about to fight with her.

And my phone is constantly at 2%  so don’t mind the charging cable. This is just what life looks for us more times than not.


Marriage is so important to me, so I appreciate all of the kind words and support with this little series. Documenting life is something that makes my heart happy, so I attempt to make it a priority. I hope that you’re finding what works for making your relationship stronger. We’re all in this together.


all photos by Shaylee Burr Photography
past Growing Love posts, here

4 thoughts on “Growing Love Volume III

  1. Sarah Draper

    You have such a beautiful pregnancy belly! Life does get hard, and it is common to feel insecure, but it is good to hear you have such a nice supportive husband.

    Liked by 1 person

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