37 Week Update!

Happy Hump Day! I am excited to team up again with an amazing group of bloggers {Misty, April, Shannon, Amanda, Danica, Candice, + Kaitlyn} to bring you another instalment of our linkup: Hump Day Highlights. Feel free to click on the link at the bottom of this post to join in and link up your post.

This week I wanted to share and post a bit about how this pregnancy is going, in an effort to not completely drop off here at the end with pregnancy updates once things got weird. And they’re getting weird. And awkward. And uncomfortable. But some days, like Monday night you would’ve had to remind me I was pregnant. I had done my hair earlier that day for some specific reason I’m sure — because doing my hair lately takes a reason. And lately it’s been for the weekly midwife appointments or church on Sunday. But this Monday I was feeling good.

We went to check out Marley’s Sliders in the Riverwoods after Kortni Jeane posted about them, and they didn’t disappoint! A hybrid between a full size hamburger and a bite size and a menu full of fun options from a traditional hamburger to a fajita style. Right as we were finishing up a light rain started to fall so we headed off to check out a few of the baby and toy boutiques before heading home.


Paityn doesn’t seem to be thrown off by the growing baby bump or what it signifies, but she has definitely ramped up on just how much she loves all of her babies and stuffed elephants. I don’t know if she would’ve gone through this stage either way, but it’s adorable. My only concern is how she’ll do when little sister is here and she can’t carry her with her everywhere she goes.
IMG_5295 IMG_5291

I know I said I would stick to my guns about April 12th being our due date, but after every midwife that I’ve seen wanting to call it the 9th, I’m going for it. It’s an arbitrary number anyways, and if it makes me feel better about progress each week, why not! Right? So with 1 day left in my 37th week every shirt is officially too short. Part of it could be the fact that my sweet SIL who passed down most of my maternity shirts is a solid 6″ shorter than I am, or it could be that this belly just has a mind of it’s own. Either way I’m so glad I finally got a maternity band from Target that helps keep gaps of skin between the waistband of my pants and bottom of shirts at bay.

While Monday was a perfect day and just the date night with Landon and Paityn that I needed — Sunday and Tuesday were rough and reminiscent of the first trimester. Achy, sick to my stomach, and oh so low on energy. I’m trying to keep the perspective that it’s just my body getting ready. And it definitely helps with making me excited for labor to begin. “Wisdom in His plan” my mother in law texted me :)

Walking is ever increasingly difficult, and chocolate has become a very daily thing.  I’m keeping our weekends booked up and planned to keep these weeks flying by and starting to think about packing a hospital bag. I’m sure we were supposed to do that weeks ago. Baby girl is the size of a bunch of Swiss chard and I just can’t wait to meet her.


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One thought on “37 Week Update!

  1. Misty Blue

    Giiiiiirl, get that bag packed! Or you’ll end up like me, heaven forbid, with a bunch of tote bags full of random crap I had to send hubby to get because I was admitted much earlier than expected. We had an August due date and B came in July.

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