Love Where You Live: Rockport State Park, UT

When Landon and I started making a plan for what to do last weekend and camping came up I didn’t miss a beat: “yes, yes, yes!” We hadn’t been camping since last winter when we camped in the snow with Chelsea and Josh. It was time to get outside again.

Friday after work we packed up and headed up to SLC to meet up with Avery and Trever and head over to Rockport State Park. It was late and dark by the time we got in, so we picked a site at random and begun to pitch our tents and get settled in for the night — all the while being surrounded by (what felt like) hundreds of deer and a cool breeze.

The temperature quickly dropped in the short time it took till Landon, Paityn and I were all cuddled up in our tent but I didn’t think anything of it. That was until I woke up 500 times in the middle of the night on account of a full bladder, because, hello I’m 37 weeks pregnant and why didn’t I think of this? At some point late into the night the potential of facing a deer and the certain cold and darkness wasn’t as miserable sounding as I felt staying in the tent. Moments later, tucked back in our sleeping bag I was suddenly beyond hungry; you know because there was now room for food. Pregnancy is so awkward sometimes. IMG_4626

Somehow I got enough sleep that night and joined everyone for breakfast in the morning and a bit of slack-lining. As the day continued to warm up with packed up the cars and went off to explore our surroundings. We didn’t have to go far to find a beautiful sandy beach and blue waters of the resolver. Paityn was immediately tugging her shirt up and asking to “shwim! shwim!”


IMG_0116IMG_0107 I’m convinced this girl was made to live by the ocean. Or at least some body of water. We made promises to take her swimming at the pool sometime this week and to return once summer hits for sure. To be fair when we offered to let her dip her toes in she suddenly wasn’t so keen on even that. But playing in the sand and watching Roamer runner around just made her day.

IMG_0113 IMG_0115

The closer the due date comes for this little babe of ours, the more I’m itching to get out and explore Utah. I’m over here like “forget nesting! let’s go on a long drive!”  Luckily Landon is level headed and responsible and found this gem on such short notice. By early afternoon we were back in Park City grabbing lunch all together, comparing sun burnt faces and making plans to do it again soon. Which is perfect because I’m hoping to turn this into a summer series — all about loving where you live + sharing spots around where we live. Let me know if you have any can’t-miss spots in UT for us to explore.


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