a Weekend In Idaho

This past weekend we headed over to Idaho to visit my brother Kyle and his cute wife and son Riddick. When we moved away to California a few years ago I felt bad that we hadn’t made more of an effort to see them — feeling like they were so far away, when in reality they were a 3 hour drive away, and that once in California they’d be 12+ hours away. So once we planned to move back to UT I thought hooray! a second chance at not sucking at visiting family. And then before we knew it and it was March and we hadn’t seen them yet. *womp womp*

I take that back, they drove out to see us the second week that we’d moved in! So by “we hadn’t seen them yet” I meant, we hadn’t made the effort to go see them in ID yet. So learn from us! If you have family or friends within a 5 hour radius schedule in a time to see them in the next month. I promise it’s a shorter drive than you think.

Paityn and I drove up to Salt Lake to meet Landon at his office which in of itself was a victory. Once of my goals last year was to become more comfortable with driving, so let me just, ah, pat myself on the back.



We got in to Rexburg later Friday night than we’d expected — totally our fault with taking too long with “just a few short stops” in Salt Lake  before we hit the road. But Saturday we woke up ready to party. Kyle and Heather fixed us up a tasty breakfast then we all got ready and headed up to Idaho Falls. My favorite part of day was watching Paityn and Riddick run around near the Idaho Falls Greenbelt, feeding the ducks, and running after the geese. Which I’ll admit it, freaked me out.

Later that evening after the babies had a chance to take a nap we went to check out the BYU Idaho campus where Kyle and Heather met.

IMG_3455IMG_3384IMG_3451-2IMG_3503 IMG_3359-2



That night, after some pizza we grabbed Big Hero 6 which Landon was so stoked to watch. Not exactly my cup of tea, don’t hate me! But he and Paityn were happy as can be with how it went. In the morning we got to go to church together then hit the road by early afternoon to head back home. It was so nice to see them again, and to feel like with each time we see them, or any part of the family — that those relationships are strengthened. I’m ready to make time with family + getting out on adventures here in Utah such a larger priority this Spring and Summer. My bucket list is growing.


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