Maternity Photos with Landon

I use the phrase photos are my love language a lot around here. But what does that really mean? It’d been awhile since Landon and I had taken photos together with a photographer — our last time being with Andrew when camping near Tahoe last summer in California. So it was such an amazing reminder when after the focus of getting ready for these was over and it was just us and Ali that I remembered just how much I like taking photos with Landon. There’s something sweet mixed with a bit of those when-we-were-just-dating feelings that come back for me every time.

Maybe it’s all the kissing?

KyraMaternity53webKyraMaternity54web KyraMaternity41webKyraMaternity33webKyraMaternity12webKyraMaternity52web KyraMaternity13web KyraMaternity15webKyraMaternity22webKyraMaternity23web KyraMaternity7web KyraMaternity32web KyraMaternity26web

I am so grateful to have these photos already. The more pregnant I get lately, the more I just want to be a hermit and stay inside most days till she decides to make her arrival. This was such a nice way to spend a Sunday evening with Landon and to now have these pics. They help balance out my memory of what I look like each night with my hair up and cozied up in his t-shirts.

a huge thanks to Ali Brown Studios for shooting these! more on our experience with working with her in my next post

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