Thriving in 2015 | February Update

February, the month of love. I’d like to think that I get an extra pass to love Valentine’s Day as much as I do simply because Valentine was my maiden name. Whether I do or not this was such a good month for Landon and I.

After a few long weeks of getting used to Landon working full time and continuing on with school (pre-reqs for an MBA program that his BA at the University of Utah didn’t cover) we were both so exhausted. It just wasn’t working. So one Thursday in the second weekend of February I started the day with opening the Bible and reading a chapter or two, something I hadn’t done in weeks. The day ended up being one of the nicest that I’d had in a long time. I cleaned the house room by room, my spirit getting lighter with each cleaned part of the house.

As the time for Landon to come home came closer I felt more and more at peace suddenly with idea of Landon stopping mid semester with classes. I had been so stubborn every time we’d talked about it before, saying he just needs to put in the time and follow the feeling we both got last summer. But once I opened my heart to the idea of dropping the classes, my burden was light. It wasn’t until it was about time for him to walk through the door that I realized there was a chance he wasn’t having the same feelings that I was. That he could quite possibly kiss me on the forehead, grab his books and turn right around to go to class.

Within a few minutes of he being home I tentatively asked, “how are you feeling?” I smiled and he smiled, and we both just knew. We’re not to the level of marriage of not needing words so we shared a few thoughts back and forth and that was that. “Let’s party!” he said, and party we did that night together with a little meat and cheese plate + sparkling cider.

I’m a bit hesitant to share this story now, knowing that everyone’s journey balancing gaining additional education and career goals are different. Some might think or say “oh just stick with it! The time apart will be over in time and it’ll all be worth it”. But it isn’t worth it to us now. And I can’t begin to describe the closeness in our relationship now that we’re on the same page with this decision. Unity in marriage is a beautiful thing.


Which seaways into how I’m applying this to my goals this month: a way that I worked on leaning Landon’s love language. It was totally a dual effort. But it is a positive example to me of being flexible with plans, valuing his needs and thoughts, and supporting him with future career goals.

24 Credits Towards Bachelor Degree
Let me tell you, the time to be in school is when you’re single, or heck even married. But I’m coming to terms with the idea that there is no easy time to be in school once you’re a parent. My block class finished at the end of this month and oh, it kicked my butt. I have one more class that lasts through the end of April and then it’ll be time to decide if I want to take summer classes on campus (because I’ve run out of online classes that’d apply to my degree) while trying to balance a newborn and establishing breastfeeding. All advice is welcome!

Finish 4 Craft Projects That Make My Heart Happy 

The first thing that I created this month was my Hello Hoop Embroidery with Cinder and Honey which you can read more about here! The next project on my list is mastering the sugar cookie with the help of The Alison Show’s Cookie Party ECourse. Heck, I’d take just getting the sugar cookie down. But first we need to add some basics to our kitchen setup like a rolling pin for starters. We’re such newlyweds sometimes.

cookie party
Have a Monthly Yoga Pass to a Studio Year Round

IMG_8833I haven’t pulled the trigger on this as I’ve been putting money earned from helping Elizabeth Cooper Designs with their trunk shows towards the doula fee (which we finished off this month already!) but I was able to attend a few classes this month as well as doing a few yoga seshes at home. I can’t begin to tell you what a different they make in my day and in how I view this pregnancy. I’m not an emotional pregnant mama, but prenatal yoga gets me every time.

I can’t help but wonder what this means for me after having our little on in April. I’ve been in love with lifting for 2+ years now, but yoga is pulling me back in a serious way. Dreams of studying yoga and having a very regular practice are flooding back.

The list of what makes me me cramp lately at the gym is steadily growing — everything from from deadlifts to the stairmaster. So this may just be a case of “lack of consistency brings a lack of interest.” We shall see!

Other goals that I focused on this month included working towards reading the New Testament cover to cover (I made sure to start my day with a chapter almost every morning this month), continue to collaborate with brands that I’m passionate about (I have some exciting projects to share soon!), and being more creative with Paityn’s meals (more on this later).

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I truly hope February was good to you! Let me know if you saw progress with your goals this past month or what you’re wanting to focus on in March! I’m ready to get back to reading books that I like. All of this reading for school is killing me.

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