We Have a Two Year Old!

January 31st our little Paityn turned two. My heart naturally celebrates every milestone with here, and has since the beginning. I hope that there never comes a point where I’m lamenting the fact that she’s continuing to grow, age and thrive. Call me out if I do! It is truly a privilege that moms and parents around the world don’t get to experience — so we celebrated this birthday!

My adventure loving husband began the Saturday morning with the Kathoola 25K Snowshoe race up in Midvale UT. Every time he does a race I can’t help but get so excited and in love with the idea of running. And then I remember my base mileage is .5 of a mile and get overwhelmed by how much work it’d be to build it up. But I’m open to the idea of trying again post baby. Either way, Landon got 4th! And came home with rosy cheeks and ready to party.IMG_8023

We kept the rest of the day (mostly) all about Paityn. A bath with dadda, a trip to Target letting her take her time trying out every chair in that store and smelling every candle — while picking up some diapers, wipes and a few other groceries. Landon sneaked off for a few minutes to pick out a present for Paityn, wanting it to be a surprise for her. Me being the toy minimalist or Grinch, whichever way you look at it, gave him questioning looks when he returned with a little Duplo set. As I’m working on being a little less bossy I saw that it was cute to him, so I only questioned it and the price per block ratio a few times before setting it in the cart and going off to grab a little wrapping paper. Again — me being a minimalist/Grinch said a few times — she’s only two! She’ll love it without wrapping paper.

You guys, I am the worst. Fast forward to later that evening, Landon excitedly handing her the wrapped up box, and Paityn being the happiest little camper to unwrap it. I’m the worst!

Included in the Duplo set were a little “mama and dadda” that she insisted on taking with her, along with wearing her new PJs instantly, to the movies. We took her to see the newest Penguins of Madagascar — which definitely felt like a sequel, save your money. But she laughed at all the right places and happily sat in the little booster seat between Landon and I. We ended her birthday night for some ice cream and meeting up with Josh and Chelsea right before they closed.

We’re a few weeks into having a 2 year old now and so far she’s still the sweetest thing ever. I can truly (and somehow!) say that I have loved every day that I have got to spend with her.  ♡

If you want to get just a little sentimental with me for a second — here’s my birthday post for Paityn this time last year — a few photos from each of the first 12 months with her. I can’t wait to see what growth happens this next year and to watch her become a big sister this Spring! If there’s one thing to be certain of, it’s that there will be lots of kisses for the new baby. This girls has so much love to share.

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