31 Weeks


I can officially say 2 months! or 60 days! when someone asks when I’m due. I haven’t started to feel antsy yet about this little one’s arrival, which I’m going to try and keep going. I know that the best place for her right now is growing inside my womb so I’m ok with her staying in there till it’s time. I find it easiest to think of her arrival in terms of holidays –I told Landon the other day, we just have to go through Valentine’s Day, his birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and then she’ll be here before Easter! Oh please get here before Easter.

I take that back, I just looked up the date of Easter this year — it’s April 5th. Dangit. All the more chocolate to grow a baby with?

Paityn keeps me busy most days which makes taking this one day at a time an easy and natural thing. She’s currently cooing, giggling and talking to herself in the crib. At some point this morning she’ll call for me and let me know that’s she’s ready to get up and play. Fingers crossed she stays a rocking sleeper even once we have a newborn in the house.
My eyes burn and my body is exhausted from the work I had to do yesterday for school. I had read the syllabus as having to only read the first third of The Chosen by last night, turns out it was all three books. I’m finding it hard to find the balance and the mental energy to stay on top of school while being pregnant + hanging out with Pait. But it’s important to me, and it’s important to me to set a positive example to these girls, so I’ll keep going and I’ll figure this out.

This week baby faulkner is the size of a coconut in weight and the length of a pineapple — green top included! Which just makes me want to start planning a tropical vacation right now. Websites are warning me that you’re she’s likely about to hit another growth spurt soon. I’m feeling like we’re running out of room for the both of us already! Except for yesterday, yesterday all thorough church and for the rest of the day she was the most active I’ve ever felt. Soft kicks and movement galore.

Speaking of kicks (how’s that for a segway!) here’s a bit from this past weekend playing in the snow + attempting a hike down in Payson. Whitney, the mama behind Sonnet James is holding a dance contest and choosing 10 winners to receive a dress from her new Spring line. Turns out I’m as bashful as can be in front of a video camera, and especially attempting to dance, but I had fun all the same.


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