Thriving in 2015 | January Update

Just like that we’re a twelfth of the way through the year! January is a notoriously difficult month for many. I feel like it’s right up there for me with July. One of the largest hurdles to get through this month was finding balance and the energy to do everything that I wanted. Pregnancy mental exhaustion hit a few times this month in waves that left me just wanting to play on Instagram all day. That said I was ready to get a jump-start on my goals for the year and have a few exciting things to share. Here’s how things went —

Finish 4 Craft Projects That Make My Heart Happy 

This was a goal that really stood out at the end of last year’s recap looking over 2014. I realized that when I had set the goal last year to sketch, I was really wanting to welcome more creativity and artistic projects into my life. I just wasn’t open to the idea of “crafty” projects, figuring sketching was the cool kids thing to do. Turns out when you set goals because you think it’s the cool kids thing to do, you don’t do them. And when it’s a goal that would make you genuinely happy, you run off to Michael’s and buy bamboo knitting needles and wool yarn week one of your new year of goals and hop right to it.

Thanks to some helpful YouTube videos (like this one) I’ve gotten the hang of casting on + a basic stitch well enough to knit a neat and tidy little rectangle. It took me a few tries, but wasn’t bad! In one of the videos I learned that bamboo needles are great for beginners — much less slippery and more sticky, so harder to drop stitches and easier to take it slow. I’m hoping to be able to whip out a knitted infinity scarf in no time!

Complete 24 Credits Towards a BA Degree at UVU or Similar

This one of the most exciting updates for this month. I have been trying to get back into school since earning my Associates Degree right before we moved to CA a few years ago, and this semester it finally came together. I was ready to register for classes in November, knowing that the make or break it would be gaining residency, a $10,000 difference in tuition for a year. By some miracle (tender mercy) I was granted residency after I appealed their first decision to withhold it.  Knowing that I’d be giving birth right before finals I am taking a block class — majors + careers exploration and a full length class — an English Lit Class. As long as everything keeps going well I will be 6 credits closer to hitting this goal

Focus On Growth On My Blog + Social Media Channels 

I hit the 1,000 mark on Instagram halfway through the month! Which feels good.

Read At Least 1 Fun Book a Month 

I started the year with the book Running With the Mind of Meditation on the flight home from Alaska. Truth be told it was a book Landon had picked out for himself that I just completely took over. Written by a Tibetan llama the book is completely up my aisle and makes me interested in running for the first time in a long time. The basic premise of the book is that the body and mind are both weak when untrained, and that it is only through training and practice that we can become strong, in both realms. I loved his reminder that though people say “_____ is my meditation” (running or cooking for example) those things aren’t truly meditation. It may be calming or good for your soul, but that’s not meditation.


He recommends starting small with increments of time of meditation or running, and being gentle with yourself. If your mind wanders in the beginning of practicing meditation for example, acknowledge those thoughts happened, and then refocus on the breath. “If we do not push ourselves enough, we do not grow, but if we push ourselves too much, we regress. What is enough will change, depending on where we are and what we are doing. In that sense, the present moment is always some kind of beginning.

Landon and I went to a guided meditation class at 3B Yoga midway through the month, probably inspired by this book, and it was a great experience! Sitting still without moving for 45+ minutes is a challenge in of itself, let alone focusing on only two phrases for a handful of minutes with each inhale and exhale. I’ve found myself applying things I learned in that short class already, and would love to make attending those classes more of a regular thing. I got busy with my Lit class and ended up having to shelf this book in exchange for a billion other books, so I’m looking forward to finishing this next month.

Focus On Nutrition and Hitting Macro/Micronutritent Goals 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to go about calculating my own macros for the last trimester of pregnancy, I reached out to a coach to help calculate them for me. I told her my end goal weight  (a gain of 25lbs total for the pregnancy) and current level of activity and I was given macros to focus on hitting within +/- 5g daily: 250g carbs, 120g protein and 71g fat. My attempts this month to hit them could’ve been a million times better, so I’m ready for the fresh start of February and being more conscious about my diet. Now’s the time to get this locked down, while my macros are high! (thank you growing baby)

Contribute To Our Income This Year

I set this goal unsure of how of if it’d come together this year but knowing that it was important to me. And then before I knew it Landon’s cousin who helps run and design wedding dresses for Elizabeth Cooper Designs asked if I’d be interested in spending a Saturday with them helping with their wedding dress trunk show. I of course said yes, and then proceeded to spend the money on a Sakura Bloom sling before it’d even happened. Judge me.


Check out her blog post here all about the trunk show and to see some of the girls in their dresses. (Photos above by Kristina Curtis Photography) I was a little concerned once things got going that I’d just tear up all day — the girls trying on dresses just looked so beautiful, turns out I love weddings, and, I am so pregnant. Luckily I kept it together and had so much fun getting to spend the day with them.

Learn Landon’s Love Language

Since the beginning of our marriage I’ve been sensitive to specific gender expectations. When we were first married I remember rushing to get ready for church on a Sunday, and at some point he asked if I could iron his shirt. I don’t remember the context of the situation, and if he had to be at a meeting before church or was just wanting a hand. I immediately said no — fearing setting a precedence and not being open to the idea that he felt like he needed a hand.



The book, the 5 Love Languages, has been such an eye opener for me as we’ve read it out loud together in the evenings last year. I’ve come to see that for me this is a trust issue, and that I’m ready to take small steps to help learn his love language and to express my eternal love for him that I feel, in a way that speaks to him. We believe, with a solid certainty, that my love language is quality time + his is acts of service and/or words of affirmation. This month I made a greater effort to help clean up the house during the day — to help our evenings be more peaceful, and to help him know that I care. I found it so helpful when I posted about this on Instagram to find that a couple that we’re friends with is opposite of us — the wife’s love language is acts of service is and the husband has tried harder to help clean the house the past 4 years of being married. This taught me, and reassured me, that love languages aren’t gender specific. And my poor husband who cooks every dinner for us since the beginning, isn’t a 1950’s man, and I need to stop worrying that he’ll turn into one.

Experience a Natural + Intervention Free Birth In April 

This post is getting entirely too long, but! I wanted to end on the exciting note that I’ve chosen and hired a doula. I met with two midway though the month, and the second was exactly what I felt like I wanted. We’ve met a second time to go over paperwork so I don’t have too much more to share about this just yet. Except that I feel like it’s exactly what I needed.

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and our trip to the Hogle Zoo 

Ok so that’s been my January! I’d love to hear how you’re doing with your 2015 goals.



2 thoughts on “Thriving in 2015 | January Update

  1. rnahanson

    I’m so behind on blog posts right now, but yay! This sounds like an awesome list.

    Speaking of crying over the brides – I remember when I was pregnant with Arlo (this is Sinivali from instagram), Rusty & I were walking through the parking lot at a local market and a little girl in front of us dropped her cotton candy. I burst into tears. I’m not sure if I was crying because I knew she was upset or if it was truly because I really wanted that cotton candy. Sigh. :P


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