Hogle Zoo | Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesdays are notorious for being difficult, but this Wednesday was a gem for Paityn and I. My aunt texted first this morning and invited us to tag along with them up to Salt Lake City to take advantage of the free day at the Hogle Zoo. We of course immediately said yes.

IMG_1953I had expected Paityn to be smiling ear to ear with each new animal that we saw. Instead, she spent the first half reserved and taking everything in. I don’t blame the little one, it was babies, strollers and animals galore. By early afternoon however she was begging to be let down from the stroller and soon ran free with my cousins holding their hands and checking everything out. It was just the reaction I’d be waiting for from her.

IMG_1994 IMG_2008 IMG_2039IMG_7828IMG_1998 IMG_2066
I loved learning that the zoo opened up with an initial investment of $153 in 1912. I love a good success story! Now over 100 years later it’s a beautiful zoo that’s focused on making good things happen. I have sweet memories of visiting the Hogle Zoo during summer trips that our family would take to visit family in the states from Alaska.

Now I’m dreaming of being back on a warm summer day in sandals, playing in the splash ponds and spending more time letting Paityn take it all in.

We’re now dealing with a lack of a nap breakdown while I try to blog and whip out a few papers for school. And it’s suddenly feeling a little more like Wednesday after all.

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2 thoughts on “Hogle Zoo | Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Leslie

    Free day at the zoo?!?!? Wish we had a free day….wish we had a zoo!! What a fun mid-week break. Hope you were able to get your homework all done. Bet she sleep good tonight. Did she learn any new animal sounds?


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