Second Trimester Favorites

Whether you’re currently pregnant or curious what a pregnant mama finds to be a lifesaver in the second trimester, this post is for you. I’m not going to lie, the second trimester was easy for me. It was full of fun holidays, time with family and not a true spec of being uncomfortable the entire time {Except when trying to climb any sort of stairs}. Here’s what I found helped make this trimester an easy one :

one | Now I still haven’t managed to fall in love with a normal bra that fits, but I found a sports bra that works perfectly in all my H’s For Heidi glory. It’s the Panache Sports bra and it’s also doubling as a swim top when we head to the pool. Because swimsuit shopping is so not happening right now. My favorite part of this bra, besides the fit + print, is the ability to hook the straps together in the back to convert it to a racerback style when wearing a workout tank. If you’ve been looking for a new sports bra, start here.

two | Comfy tees from Kickee Pants and Motherhood Maternity are making my life right now. Thank you sweet sister-in-law! The Kickee pants tees are made from bamboo fibers — so these are extra soft and can be found on Zuliliy on sale from time to time. Stock up if you find them there!

three | All the dark chocolate + sea salt in the world. But that’s nothing new.

four | These two books from Ina May, along with sweet birth youtube videos (like this one) really made a difference in feeling focused and uplifted in the second trimester. If you get only two books during your pregnancy, make it these two.

five | When I’m asked what I crave during pregnancy and I tell people water, I’ve begun to worry I’m trying to sound like I’m having just the fittest pregnancy ever. But here’s the thing —  chilled water is my only true craving. Everything else just comes and goes with my moods. For both trimesters I’ve kept the door of our fridge stocked, two rows deep with water bottles all across. And it makes this pregnancy that much easier.

six | My maternity style has been winter casual all the way. On any given day you’ll find me in a tee, leggings and a pair of comfy winter socks. I tell ya, winter is the best time to pregnant.

Here’s my post of what I was loving in the first trimester, and I look forward to sharing what worked for me these next 11 or so weeks! It’s about to get a bit cramped in this belly of mine.

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