Sakura Bloom Sling | First Impression

If you’ve been following along with my blog and pregnancy lately you’ll know I’ve been struggling a bit with staying present and appreciative of this second baby that will be entering our lives in the Spring. I feel like I made a great breakthrough this week with the realization that Paityn will always be my first.

My oldest daughter.
My little buddy.
The little light of my day.

And that that’s ok! I trust the process of growing a family, and that my heart will have room for this second babe when she arrives. But this week, I’m letting myself just relax and soak this cutie up.

I finally grabbed a Sakura Bloom simple (double layer) sling this week! My cousin in law had texted about having me help with their wedding dress trunk show on Saturday so naturally, I immediately counted those chickens before they hatched and placed an order. Wheat had been my favorite shade since day 1 when I found out about Sakura Bloom slings, but they unfortunately retired the color wheat this past fall. Lucky for me there’s a Sakura Bloom B/S/T (buy, sell, trade) group on Facebook of mamas trading and selling slings. And let me tell you. If cars could hold value like these slings do, I wouldn’t even mind.

This means you, Ford.

I had picked up the sling planning ahead for the new baby, and wanting to get the most use out of it with her, I chose the double layer option. But I had no idea just how comfortable it’d be with Paityn, let alone with a baby bump to boot. Win win win!


Before I go on and on too much about this sling I’ll stop here. But I’m feeling so good about finding balance between being in the present and loving Paityn, while making a conscious effort to be open to the idea of loving another one and preparing to be a mom to her as well. It’s a week by week journey, but when is motherhood and life not?


2 thoughts on “Sakura Bloom Sling | First Impression

  1. Leslie

    Beautiful post. I love how open and honest you are. Your #2 is lucky to have you as her mom and I know she will melt your heart as much as #1 has.

    Liked by 1 person

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