26 Weeks

26 weeks of growth. Of being together. Of working through hormones, learning how to get comfy in bed at night, and preparing for your arrival. The weight gain has been harder to come to terms with this time, and I don’t feel bad for being honest with sharing when I’m struggling. But this week brought a whole new emotion.


Everything started to change once I hit the 24 week mark: the week of fetal viability. It felt like a breath of fresh air. Like the sun started shining after a long dark winter. I am in no way a worrier with pregnancies, I have faith that no matter what happens I’ll be ok, but perhaps every mom breathes a sigh of relief once they hit a certain point. After 24 weeks, should trouble arise, you’re able to go to the maternity ward to seek help and not just the ER. God willing, the child that you’ve carried for 24 weeks, is able to live outside of your womb.

And I found myself picturing this little one so much more, and realizing that we will most likely get to meet her in just a few short months.

More gratitude.

It is a privilege to have passed that week of vitality mark, when so many mamas don’t get to that point. It is a privilege to have made it this far. It is a privilege to grow with this child, even when it’s hard emotionally, it is still a privilege.

This week I celebrate this little baby girl.

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