Life Lately

I’ve been meaning to join Jess with her Wednesday post link up for a few months now! You might recognize her as the mama behiItsTheLittleThingsnd our favorite headband shop, Shop Sadie Sky. She created the project to help her stay focused on what’s really important, and invites others to join in.

Along with that, I’d wanted to set a weekly + 52 week blog goal of taking and posting photos with our new camera. They say the fastest way to improve photography skills is to practice practice practice. So here’s to a year of capturing the little things and moments that might otherwise go undocumented and thus, forgotten. Moments to remember from the past week —

The night that Landon talked me into a 10pm hike in the snow, and secretly, I ended up loving it. Honestly. The city lights were beautiful and I thought only Salt Lake had views like that. And the mountains at night, oh I wouldn’t mind always living near them. On the way back to the car we started coming back more often this winter + especially once the snow melts.IMG_1291
Our Monday night snow camping night when Landon announced he had gear to test for Teton Sports. We invited Chelsea + Josh to tag along and headed up after doing a meditation class together at 3B Yoga. IMG_1301
And this little rascal. She’s been on one this week — everything from drawing on our sheets to drawing on our desk. But when she’s not drawing on our furniture, she’s loving drawing on paper for hours on end. The art bug has hit her. Let’s also not forget the return of the “unroll all the toilet paper into the bath while mom isn’t looking” phase. And then when we get most of it out and into the trash, and I go to get her a towel, and she dumps the entire bathroom trash into the still full bath. Oof. Oh, but I can’t stay mad at her too long.

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