Goals for 2015 That Make Me Stoked For this Year

Alright you guys, here we go again! But first I have to confess that I started drafting up this list of goals at the end of November, because I was just too excited to wait. Nerd alert?  I am just all about goals. But if you’re not, and you have another system for getting the most out of life stick to it, seriously. This is just what works for me.

For 2015 here are 40+ goals I will be focusing on, chosen from my favorite categories:

Continue to collaborate with brands that I’m passionate about
Focus on growth on my blog + social media channels
Finish 4 “craft” projects that make my heart happy
Grab a sketch pad and pencils and put those suckers to use
Participate in 2 courses on blogging or photography — either live or online

Complete 24 Credits towards a BA degree at UVU or similar
Become more politically and socially aware
Highlight one social or political event +/or philanthropic group once a month
Read at least 1 fun book a month

Have a monthly yoga pass to a studio year round
Track lifts yearlong and set goals for squats, bench press, deadlifts, etc
Run a 5K with Landon and Paityn
If I like the 5K, run longer races
*I reserve the right to decide to not keep up with running after a 5K and to not be upset about this*
Focus on nutrition and hitting micronutritient goals
Learn my macros needs with the help of a coach
Complete a cut + bulking phase to completion

Create a financial plan for 2015
Contribute to our income this year
Pay off credit cards and our car; only have school loan debt
Shred credit cards, again
Start a savings account for our first home, even if it’s a silly little amount

Learn Landon’s love language
Find new ways to fill his love tank monthly
Read 6 books about marriage, love or intamacy this year
Have more creative dates and time together

Become creative with feeding Paityn breakfast + lunch
Post meal idea updates for her monthly
Breastfeed our second little one for 18 months
Experience a natural + intervention free birth in April

Attend the temple twice a month
Serve at least 2 hours in the community once a month308ba500b9d557c5b746a5059d1c42e7

Read the New Testament cover to cover
Make journal writing work for me and a nightly thing
Read 6 books that focus on spiritual matters

Explore Utah and appreciate our time here
Get passports for Paityn and I
Make a travel bucket list

And finally,
Happiness of Pursuit Inspired 2015 Goal
Take a dream honeymoon inspired trip (Banff, Fiji, etc) with Landon this year and the next 4 years!

My monthly recaps of my 2014 goals can be found here + my year end review of 2014 goals here. Here’s to sticking with goals through the end of the year! #knucklesemoji

4 thoughts on “Goals for 2015 That Make Me Stoked For this Year

  1. Josie

    Love this list. Your posts last year have inspired me to do a list of my own for this year, which I am still working on! Good luck and Happy New Year! Josie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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