Sisters Tag //

How old are you? 
Kyra: 24
Kelsey: 17
Kyrsten: 15

Describe each other in one word?
Describe Kyra: Generous. Bubbly.
Describe Kelsey: Silly. Sarcastic.
Describe Kyrsten: Timid. Spirited.

Do people ever get you mixed up?
Haha no. Except for one High School science teacher has a bad habit of calling Kelsey, Kyra.

IMG_0703 IMG_0732

Favorite memory together?
Getting to feel the new baby kick.
This past summer when we got to spend a week together in California/spent the week by the pool.
That one time we had to crawl out the downstairs window when we were home alone, call the cops, and ended up on Alaska State Troopers…

Guess each others favorite singer?
Kyra: “Weird indie music, but not like popular indie music.”
Kelsey: “Not country! Josh Groban? No! Demi Lovato.”
Kyrsten: “Selena Gomez. Zella Day. Everything on the radio.”

Who takes the longest to get ready?
“Kyra. No, Kyrsten! Once you started having to get Paityn ready you got better about getting out the door. Kyrsten however, you take forever to get out the door.”

Favorite animal? [Spirit Animal?]
Kyra: Giraffes, duh.
Kelsey: Squirrel. Because I’m nervous and jumpy.
Kyrsten: Kittens, Dolphins. No. I’m over dolphins. Pandas? Hold on. Let me think.

If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

Kyra: The computer with all of our photos.
Kelsey: All my books! One by one.
Kyrsten: My blanket from when I was a babe. Jingle Bear.

Favorite movie?
Kyra: Across the Universe + Les Miserables.
Kelsey: The Great Gatsby.
Kyrsten: Easy A. Monte Carlo. If I Stay.

What is something weird that your sister eats?
About Kyra: “Oh gosh. Tuna.”
About Kelsey: “Salt, on everything. Literally.”
About Kyrsten: “Taquitos dipped in Chili.”

Dream Job?
Kyra: Lululemon HQ in Vancouver BC. Professional Breastfeeder. Sponsored Athlete.
Kelsey: Librarian of Congress. Some sort of FBI brain analyst. Paid mermaid.
Kyrsten: Helping animals.

And finally, your favorite part about Christmas?
Kyra: Sugar cookies. Fudge. English toffee.
Kelsey: Presents.
Kyrsten: Cheese Potatoes. No seminary for 2 weeks. Christmas Lights.

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