22 + 23 Weeks

This month I have found myself surrounded and engulfed in amazing health, fitness and weight loss resources. I’ve gotten to be apart of the start of a mamas who lift Facebook page as an admin with Jill from theseparents.com. I’ve been active in two other IIFYM groups and downloaded Krissy Mae’s book on flexible eating. I have found more answers to questions for coaching myself or helping friends the past month than I have all year.

Yet I can’t seem to find a balance with my diet and making it to the gym consistently the past week or so. Finals sympathy cravings and stress is real my friends.

So what has worked lately?

Going swimming. Nothing makes me feel happier with this growing belly and body of mine than being in the water. Bonus — it’s guaranteed time with Landon and Paityn without any electronic distractions.

Playing outside. We haven’t had snow outside our condo consistently since mid November, but we’re lucky to be able to find ourselves in winter wonderland looking trails within a 12 minute drive. I put my hair up, strapped on some snowshoes and we explored. Bonus : zero cell phone service. Are we seeing a trend here? Haha


Getting the stomach bug. I had been entirely too grumpy entirely too early on with this pregnancy lately. Waking up sweating and needing to throw up multiple times Saturday night and into the next day was just the reminder that things could be so much worse. Yes the second half isn’t all that fun, because, all the weight gain. But at least the nausea is over. Thank you stomach bug.

This birth post from Kat. Somehow in the day to day needs of life I had lost all of the excitement and focus about what this pregnancy was all about. And her post and video centered me and my heart so quickly. I am always so grateful for the mamas who share their birth stories. It’s not for everyone, some wanting to keep theirs personal, but it feels like such a gift anytime someone shares theirs.

Pregnancy is a hormonal ride. Here’s to getting through finals week (Landon’s) and starting next week at 24 weeks with a new pep in my step!

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