Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

The midwives and ultrasound results would like to move my due date up a few days but I’m sitting strong with the date of April 12: I know my cycle and I know the date of my last period. And possibly because I’m stubborn and like even numbers. So keeping along with that due date that puts me at twenty-one weeks as of yesterday!


Here are a few updates and changes that are happening as of late:

How far along are you? Wrapping up month 5 of pregnancy

How I’m feeling: 92% like myself, 8% pregnant

Total weight gain: Somewhere between 10-14lbs

How big is baby? 15oz, she’s almost a pound.

Maternity clothes: My angel of a sister-in-law just hooked me up with so many pregnancy tops over Thanksgiving break. It was like Christmas x a billion. I just need an amazing pair of maternity skinny jeans or two, and for my new bra to get in to Nordstrom one of these days. Or, I’ll just keep living in leggings for the next 19 weeks.

Sleep: ing like a baby! A solid 8 or 9 hours at night and I’m good to go.

Movement: is now constant in the evenings and as I fall asleep. It hasn’t been strong enough for Landon to feel yet though.

Best moment this week: Landon and I got a sitter for Paityn after work one evening and headed off to the gym to try a new workout program that had piqued my interest. 30 minutes later and I was squatting more than twice what I had thought I was capable of the week or so before. I wish we could workout together all the time, especially when pregnant, to help make sure I’m not cutting myself short. But these every so often gym dates together? I’ll take em.

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

  1. Emma

    Congratulations and good for you for sticking to your “gut” feeling haha! I just wanted to drop in and say that I found a great pair of maternity skinnies at target. They’re super stretchy and don’t feel like jeans, and instead of having a panel like most pants, they have sides that stretch, like where the pockets would be. I’m wearing them as I have barely a bump with a belt and they’re awesome!! I’m interested to know what skinnies you end up buying! You can never have too many jeans, even maternity ones!

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