Making 2014 Count: November Update

November is officially over, but oh it was a good one for our family. We saw our first snowfall then proceeded to play in the snow every Sunday since, Landon was an awesome sport with celebrating my birthday all week long and for Thanksgiving break we got to head out to Nevada to spend a few days with his family. This was also the month that I finally really started to feel like myself again with this pregnancy, which made focusing on goals for the year so much easier. Here’s how things went this month:

Invest in a DSLR camera

Towards the end of the month I finally decided on a Canon Rebel SL1 and I couldn’t be more excited to have it. I made the decision for this camera for a few reasons —

  • I have an unexplained positive bias for Canon, so I didn’t fight it.
  • The price was right. Once we have life figured out and finances in order I’d love to grab a full frame camera, but for now I can start from the beginning of learning photography and my way around a DSLR.
  • It just felt right in my hands. And I did try to fight that for awhile, thinking a T3i, T4i or T5i was the more acceptable way to go. But after looking at stats between the SL1 and her older sisters (cousins?) I realized I wouldn’t be missing out on anything by going with the smaller body.
  • Bonus that I love already but didn’t expect to : a touchscreen LCD on the back.

The plan from here is to grab a lens and get to work with practicing! After reading what other photographers prefer with lens I found the idea of sticking with prime, or fixed focal length, lenses resonating with me the most. The 50mm f/1.8 is the most painless to pick up and comes with raving reviews, despite it’s low cost. Here’s a post from a Beautiful Mess + one from Jasmine Star, about prime lenses if you wanted to read a little more.

Moving forward and looking into 2015 once I get settled in with this new camera and lens I’d love to look into taking an Ecourse or live class here in Utah about photography. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

DSLR Photography Class

Read a New Book a Month

After my frustrating experience earlier this fall with picking up books with content I didn’t want to invest time on reading I needed something light and fun to read. Though some might disagree with me on the adjectives of “light” and “fun to read” when it comes to this book, Me Before You was exactly that for me. It wasn’t moving, life changing, or even terribly though provoking. But I needed that.

Me Before You is a younger read, I’d put it in a 25 years or under audience category. It’s focused around topics that can be a trigger for some like degenerative disease and the right to death with dignity laws. Because I haven no personal experience with either I was able to curl up with a comfy blanket, relax and casually read. You might not feel the same, so I wanted to included that warning to help save you some time. Landon, for example, just couldn’t stand me sharing anything about the book. It literally made him feel sick.

Finish the Book of Mormon [a 2nd time]

This has become an especially meaningful goal as the end of the year has drawn close. The Book of Mormon is a key part of my faith and yet before this year I had only read it once cover to cover. I believe that spiritual strength and peace comes from reading scripture. So for 11 months I’ve marked in yellow every time the Father, Son or Holy Ghost has been mentioned, marked anything that could apply to my life in red, and marked notes in the margins and on Post-It notes.

I had hoped that I’d have time to read the New Testament this year as well, but I just took too long getting through some of the longer parts in the Book of Mormon, so I’ll be saving that for next year to make that a more meaningful study as well.

Become More Athletic: Lifting, Running and Yoga

When a friend is there for you for different seasons of your life, that friendship is strengthened like no other. Going through this second pregnancy with focusing on staying active has helped to make exercise feel like a constant in my life that I can always rely on. This month has taken a little adjusting for figuring out how to fit in me lifting, along with Landon running up in the mountains before or after he gets home from work (we share a car) but it has been so worth it when we make it work.

Because this pregnancy has been complication free as well I’m able to keep up with everything I was doing before I was pregnant, and trying to increase the weight on my lifts as often as possible. The only change I’ve had to make thus far is switching from the flat bench to the incline for bench pressing, and that’s just to play it safe.


Publish 52 Blog Posts a Year

And that’s how November went as I tried to focus on my 2014 goals. I’m excited to have 30 more days in December to finish the year off and then to write a whole new long list of things to focus on in 2015!

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