Twenty Weeks + a Gender Reveal!

Earlier this week on Sunday I turned the page to being 20 weeks pregnant and officially being halfway through this pregnancy, which blows my mind. The huge milestone for this week was having our twenty week ultrasound scan scheduled for Tuesday, and knowing that we’d almost certainly get to learn the gender of this second little one.

The ultrasound wasn’t done at our normal midwife office, but at the OB/GYM office down in Provo. We went into it excited to learn the gender, but cautious of how the experience would be after reading through the stern instructions for this appointment, i.e.: no cameras, no children under 6 unless necessary, do not be late, no laughing, no having fun, etc. Instead, we found ourselves in an office that looked like a large scale beautiful froyo shop and were called back after just a few minutes. Our ultrasound tech turned out to be the kindest I’ve ever met, and even she got excited about seeing the little elbows and knees, which makes a new mom feel good.

Before long she had a gender announcement for me: it’s a girl! Never has the word labia sounded so sweet to me. I wish I could’ve seen Landon’s and Paityn’s face when she announced it, but they were blocked by where the ultrasound tech was standing. Landon later said that he had a hunch once we had started looking around. Paityn, not understanding a bit of it, continued to say “baby! baby” periodically while pointing to the monitor.


Whenever Landon and I pictured our future family we pictured 1 girl + 2 boys, but man!, if I could just show you the sweet relief and giddiness that I felt once we learned that this little one was a girl. I didn’t expect those emotions at all, but they make sense. Girls are all I know, girls I can do. And the answer girl resonated with me, in the way that hearing truth feels. This was a girl. This child has a gender and we know knew what it was. And oh did it feel good.


We wrapped up the appointment with ultrasound pictures to take home and the reassurance that all was well. Being the first day of our Thanksgiving break we headed up for Krispy Kreme to celebrate and to the Riverwoods in Provo to shop around a bit. And to say the phrase “I’m SO excited” a million and a half times.

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