Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials


I’ve decided that though there’s so many perks to avoiding being pregnant in the summer completely, winter has its own share of drawbacks. Getting warm winter jackets to accommodate your growing waistline, not getting to just live by the pool and drier skin than normal to name a few. And pregnancy is not the time for dry skin. Mama Mio first got my attention with this quote, “to grow and shrink your tummy by up to 30 inches in a 40+ week period is not for the faint of heart, or the weak skinned.”

Women are superwomen, are they not?

So last week my package from Mama Mio arrived at the door and I got right to testing things out. My first pleasant surprise was just how amazing everything smelled. I had expected everything to be unscented, but instead found a light basil and peppermint scent. If you’re a Mrs. Meyers fan like I am, picture they came out with a luxe pregnancy friendly skin care line.

trb_1The Tummy Rub Butter, their butter for growing bumps around the world, is amazing. When I was first pregnant with Paityn I had purchased a stomach creme after hearing great reviews about it. I hated it. It took forever to soak in, and because of that, often left oil stains on my shirts. I don’t know what all the positive reviews were talking about. I could barely force myself to make a dent in that container. Mama Mio on the other hand, knows what they’re doing. The butter is moisturizing yet soaks in flawlessly. And the scent, I still die.

Their Boob Tube Creme, Lucky Legs and Gorgeous Glow face wash quickly became standout products the past week as I used them daily. My expectations for all three were that they’d feel unnecessary, especially because I’m a minimalist when it comes to skin care. But as my bra sizing at Nordstrom on Saturday confirmed, my stomach isn’t the only part of me that’s growing. And to have a specific bottle of (amazingly scented) cream for the bust is such a luxury. And practical, because this was the area where I got stretch marks my first run with pregnancy.

Their Lucky Legs energizing + cooling gel is also mixed parts practical and luxury. They recommend picking this product up in the second trimester and using when your legs are heavy, swollen or in need of some TLC. I’ve been using this daily after showering and love it! I use it from my knees down to my toes and it’s been such a refreshing part of my morning routine. The scent is the most minty and invigorating of them all. All somehow, it reminds me of the joy that tanning beds used to bring. Which I’m all about finding.

Finally, I’ve been loving their Gorgeous Glow face wash. If I were to stop by Target and see it lined up next to all the other billion face washes I would probably never pick this product up. But if I stayed at a hotel that had this as an option to use, or I stayed over at a friend’s house and got to use this, suddenly I’d been feeling a little different. This out of the four products seems the most like a luxury than practical, but it sure is a treat to have to use. Cleansing, not drying, and oh so pleasantly scented. I find myself washing my face now twice in the shower, because it just



You can pick the pregnancy essentials kit, their facial wipes and anything else that strikes your fancy straight from their website.

If you have a superwoman in your life that’s expecting I think the pregnancy essentials kit would be such a perfect gift to help celebrate the occasion + to give her a chance to have a month(+) of pampering. Of if you’re pregnant yourself I’d recommend starting with this essentials kit. Unless you’re afraid of falling in love with products other than the bump lotion. Because, you probably will, you’ve been warned. ;)


Pregnancy Essentials Kit + Facial Swipes C/O Mama Mio

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