Growing up Alaska Halloween was always an adventure. I remember years of having to warm up in the car with my other siblings every few houses but being determined to not wimp out too early. But then somewhere along the way, I grew out of Halloween and it lost its charm.

Having a daughter who’s old enough to start to understand the concept of Halloween did just the trick for helping me fall in love with the holiday all over again. Together we chose a costume, albeit a little last minute, and she’s refused to be away from it since. She cuddled with it Halloween Eve, decided she’d call it “Gaga” Halloween day, and has been asking for it every day after. IMG_4764

Halloween Eve we joined in on a church Halloween party full of a chili + cornbread dinner and fun booths for the kids to join in on. Feeling like the gummy snack to candy ratio was a little off we stopped by Krispee Kreme for an extra dose of sugar before meeting up with Josh and Chelsea to climb for an hour or two.

IMG_5240 IMG_4862
Which ended up being such a successful night of climbing. I give those doughnuts all the credit. Realizing that Halloween Eve, out of all the nights of the year, was the night to talk me into finishing the movie Ghostbusters (that we’d started months ago) we cuddled up and stayed well into the night with the 80’s classic.


Then Halloween night, once Landon had got home from work + we’d gotten ready, we headed out for a night of trick or treating with a few of my younger cousins and aunt and uncle. I had been confident that she’d get into it, knowing how much she loves sugar, but I didn’t expect just how much she wouldn’t need me.

Holding my cousin Ethan’s hand, she walked hand in hand to each house and up the stairs, then waited patiently (and silently) for a piece of candy. We tried to enforce her waving goodbye to make up for the lack of “trick or treat” and “thank you!’s”IMG_5246

After the sun had gone down, and she and the boys had fairly full pumpkins, we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s house for some homemade cider, popcorn and the movie Frequency.

I hope that you had a great Halloween and got to eat your fair share of sugar. I’m now anticipating snow outside our window any morning now + can’t help getting for Christmas already now.

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