Making 2014 Count: October Update

Happy Halloween! After a workout this morning I’ve had a relaxing Friday afternoon which has been perfect to think over how this month has gone and how I feel about the progress I’ve made with my yearly goals.

When some of my favorite blogging women from Kelli Murray to Jessica Garvin came together at the start of the year and asked their readers to choose a word to live by in 2014, I knew exactly what I needed: growth. I was happy with how my life was going, but I needed more. I had untapped energy and wanted to stretch, to be stretched and to thrive.f632aba606c08e6b2ee291b19b8edef2

This month more than ever, I feel that my efforts have been successful and that this has been such a good thing for me. I can’t imagine this year or a future year without specific goals aimed at achieving a larger idea. My marriage has been strengthened, my inner confidence has grown tenfold, things that used to occupy by time (beauty youtube videos, say what?) have been replaced by things that make my life feel meaningful.

Here are a few of my success from this month:

Being More Independent + Confident with Driving

The day that we drove to our new condo to move in, I followed behind Landon in the car with Paityn in the back seat. The sun was shining, a good song was on, and I felt like I was home for the first time in a few years. It felt good to be behind the wheel and feeling like I was somehow a more truer version of myself now that we were back in Utah.

Since then I’ve made more of an effort to offer to drive when Landon and I are together, and to be more confident offering to to go pick something up by myself. I’m known for saying how much I’d rather walk or ride a bike somewhere than drive, but I get that driving has its perks. So I keep working to be more confident behind the wheel, even on the freeway home from Salt Lake, by myself. Which was a complete success, by the way.

Read a New Book a Month

Last month I attempted to read three different books, and wasn’t able to finish a single one of them. I had found myself back in a rut of somehow choosing books about abuse or similar issues, and that wasn’t something I wanted to invest my time in. So heartbroken I closed each book, one by one, before getting to turn the final page. Which is so unsatisfying. Being in an already transitionary phase of life, I had a few days there where I wondered if I just needed to take this as a sign and move on away from my blog and even from these goals.

Looking back, it was a ridiculous thought, but I took a break from doing an August update and it was just what I needed. Now I can admit, what was I thinking when I choose books based off of the cover alone? A quick scan on Amazon reviews for books in the future probably wouldn’t hurt.


I’ve found myself absolutely loving and excited about the three books that I mentioned in my 16 Week Update: Guide to Childbirth and Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May and Hypnobirth: The Mongan Method. I’ll post my full thoughts of the three and my hopes and goals for my second experience with birth once I’ve finished all three.

Become More Athletic: Lifting, Running and Yoga

I may not be at my lowest body fat percentage or level of fitness for the year, but any workout that I make the time for while pregnant feels like it counts for so much more. First trimester nausea did something magical for me: no longer am I (nearly as) concerned about my growing and changing body and suddenly I’m excited to just not be sick all the time and to have energy again.

Landon and I have kept up on our rock climbing double dates with Josh and Chelsea and they’ve quickly become my favorite. I’m not quite sure how long the harness will work with my growing belly, but I’m soaking up all the climbs we can get! I try to make time for yoga and a lifting sesh or two a few times a week and can’t wait to start running with Landon in the evenings again once his knee heals.

IMG_4876 IMG_4886

Every workout that I get to do now has a greater purpose than before. It benefits the growing little one that I’m sharing my body with, it helps keep pregnancy complications and aches and pains at bay, and prepares me to have the birth experience that I want.

Invest in a DSLR camera

I have been researching and asking around about DSLR cameras the past few months and am eager to have one show up at my doorstop so that I can get started with learning my away around one! I have fallen in love with the idea of prime lenses. I have Photoshop + Photoshop actions just begging to be put to use. And I have goals and a vision of what I want my blog and social media photos to look like, and the iPhone just isn’t quite cutting it. Fingers crossed for some amazing Black Friday deals and an exciting update next month! Canon Rebel, I’ve got my eye on you.

Growth With the Blog

This goal had begun at the beginning as simply registering my URL from to From there, and after getting to attend the Outdoor Retailer Show I realized that I had larger goals for this space. From time to time, and when I felt like it could be successful, I contacted brands that I was passionate about and felt that we could collaborate. Those relationships have been such a source of confidence and growth for me. So towards the end of this month I sat down with a notebook and brainstormed a few new brands that I’d love to work with moving forward and how each collaboration could be successful. I may not hear back from everyone, but I really think there’s power in putting yourself out there and in being a bit more brave than you were before.

Publish 52 Blogposts a Year

Which puts me at a total of 94 posts for the year so far once this goes live! Hiatus during the first trimester and everything.

I hope your October felt like it was a major success + that tonight involves a steady supply of sugar! Feel free to check out my past updates from the year HERE. And let me know what goals you’re currently working on or crossing off your list as complete!

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