Utah Favorites 01

After posting everything that I was loving about the idea of a tiny house life in San Diego it only seemed fair to post about things that I’m loving about Utah. I’ll be the first person to tell you how much I love Utah and that we get to be here. So I’ll post these periodically as we find new things here to love!

The Frontrunner, an easy way to avoid traffic and relax for a bit on your way north to Salt Lake City.


Antelope Island, where Paityn and I spent a few hours checking out tourist spots + looking for bison while Landon ran his first 50K!
Mend Juicery, in the Provo Riverwoods. I tried the sweetest green juice that they offered and still need a little help getting used to drinking my veggies.IMG_4113
Getting to see Landon in his element working for Teton Sports and spending a morning in Big Cottonwood Canyon shooting photos with them.IMG_4228
Beautiful hikes in the fall leaves up in Provo Canyon, even if my pregnant self is a little slower than normal. First trimester energy levels are a joke. IMG_4265 IMG_4291
Camping in the Uintas right by Clegg Lake with our buddies Chelsea + Josh. Such a beautiful area and not another person to be seen for miles. Which when hiking in at 10pm in the pitch black was both a negative and a positive. IMG_4399 IMG_4400
3B Yoga. You guys it’s everything I dreamed of in a studio and more. I tried out the Primary Series class on Monday evenings, a 90 minute class, and had so many personal victories because of the contagious encouraging vibe in there. IMG_4417
Studio K, a Bumble and Bumble salon.  I had heard of their salon through The Beyouty Bureau and I can’t see myself ever having to find a different place while we’re here. Ask for Sarah!IMG_4556
Other undocumented favorites from Utah so far are the ultimate grilled cheese from Zupas (pesto sauce, tomatoes + more!), playdates with new friends from our condo, rock climbing wall double dates, temples such a short drive away, Swig cookies, fry sauce, and the pending snow. The standard movie dates in, falling asleep cuddled up, and efforts to make adventure have carried over easily from California.

We might not live in a tiny house with chickens yet, but you guys, life is really good here. And I can’t wait to see what we’ll fall in love with in the next few months.

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