15 Weeks

Yesterday we had our first midwife appointment here in Utah with our second little one and I loved every minute of it.

Moving in the early stages of pregnancy to an area we were unfamiliar with made making a few of the decisions a little difficult — which OB/midwife to go to, where should we deliver and where should we avoid like the plague!


After a few talks with other pregnant or new mamas at the park and at playgroup I was starting to feel like I had a good sense of who everyone was seeing, which was a relief because choosing a doc based off of their pictures alone wasn’t getting me anywhere fast; they all looked like creepers.

But when I went to make the call for the recommended OB’s something in my heart did a “wait a second!” and I checked out the midwives again. After calling both and asking a few questions, the most important being csection rates (to which I got a political answer from the doctors) I happily made an appointment with the midwives.

The office was clean, beautiful and not a wait time to be seen. The fact that the nurse was holding the sweetest newborn baby while the little one’s mom had her 6w postpartum appt just sealed the deal for Paityn and I. She was disappointed to not see her again when we left : “where’s the baby go!”

Our midwife confirmed our due date and how far along I am in pregnancy : 15 weeks and set to deliver early/mid April. We were able to do a handheld ultrasound that made everything that much more real. The little guy (or girl) looks like a cutie already. We’ll have our 20 week gender and health ultrasound just a few days before Thanksgiving, which now can’t come fast enough.

But til then I’m trying to enjoy and cherish this pregnancy for what it is, and not for what it will be. With Paityn I was so focused on her coming and preparing for that stage that I didn’t prepare to have a special birth or even pregnancy. Once the nausea had subsided I loved being pregnant! But only because it was fun and it was suddenly easy.

With this second one I’m trying to keep the mindset that our time starts now, our possibility for a relationship doesn’t have to wait til the snow melts in April. So as I do prenatal yoga in our living room some mornings, and put one hand on my heart and the other on my growing baby bump I feel connected with the little one. Every pose that I do, and everything that follows through the day, we do together. And should just not get to meet this little one in April, I want to remember that we had this time together. This fall and winter, and that we’d see each other again.

And I don’t say that to be dramatic, but to share the positivity that has come as I’ve switched from a somewhat fear based approach to hoping I make it meeting Paityn to being grateful for whatever time I get with this pregnancy. That said I’m starting now with preparing and planning for a positive and more spiritual birth this second go round. I’m excited to share more about that later.

For now here are two YouTube prenatal videos that I’ve loved so far:

&& this 30 minute one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCSFobwvQTg

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