Communication With a 20 Month Old

When Paityn was just a few days old she would make the sweetest little dinosaur noise. At first I could imitate it perfectly and then the memory of it completely faded without it being captured because I thought it’d last forever. This post has nothing to do with “milestones” and everything to do with capturing life with my favorite little buddy.


Her favorite person in the world is without a doubt, Landon. So anything revolving around him she has down:
Where’s dadda?
Where’d dada go!
Oh da’dda. (in a sweet but slightly patronizing tone when he does something silly)

Cheese and milk are her other two loves, and are said in excited pitches.
Shoes too, we can’t forget shoes. If you’re wearing shoes, she’s pointing at them and reminding you what they’re called. Or bringing me pairs during the day to put on her. Which usually also means she wants to go outside to play.

Where’d the baby go? When a commercial ends or we have to walk past a baby in a store.
All the babies in the world. She loves them all.

Growl Growl/ Ruff Ruff! (What’s a dog say? Also, anytime she sees or hears a dog.)
Meow Meow (What’s a cat say?)
Bubble Bubble (What’s a fish say?)
Tweet tweet (What’s a bird say?)

Down while pointing decidedly towards the floor. When we remind her to use her words to tell us what she wants instead of fussing.

Noooo noooo. In her new whiney tone that she has officially mastered. Usually said while doing something she’s not supposed to be doing. Like climbing on our desk to look out the window at the puppies playing outside.

Bah (bye)
Commonly used to address strangers walking by or cars driving past on the street.

Bite. When she wants you to bite her toes or arm and then giggle for days. and then it’s usually followed by a Oh dadda! Even it’s me. Because she forgot how to say mama and love you now that I think about it.

But she blows kisses after we tuck her in for bed every night which is almost the same as a love you.


And that’s a pretty complete list of what she’s saying lately. I can’t wait til she’s telling me silly stories and planning out elaborate plans for our days. But for now I’m soaking up our renewed relationship these past few months because of how well we can finally understand each other. This has got to be one of my favorite ages with her. But who am I kidding, they’ve all been good so far.




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