First Trimester Favorites

I gotta say, as hard as it was to wait to post about this second pregnancy til the 12 week mark it feels so good to have a whole trimester done already! As of Sunday I am officially 14 weeks pregnant. Here are some of my favorite things that helped make the first trimester not as miserable:IMG_39381. Minute Rice. An alternate picture could have been a photo of all the carbs in the world, but Minute Rice was my go to man. I had a hard time coming from the IIFYM mindset of having a balanced diet of fats, carbs and protein to becoming pregnant and not wanting anything to do with most protein sources. But then I found an article discussing the different nutritional needs of each trimester that settled my concerned heart.

2. Ginger Ale. Why this is harder to find in Utah, the land of pregnant moms I do not know. But bottles fresh cold out of the fridge in California was just what I needed.

3. Numi’s Herbal Holiday Chai Tea. I face a terrible paradox while pregnant, especially in the first trimester, where all I want to do is drink all the water in the house but doing so would make me throw it all back up violently. I found this tea and other similar spiced/earthy variations to be heaven-sent. I add a bit of sugar and almond milk and drink it in a cute mug.

4. Rainbow Light Prenatals. I love these vitamins. If I’m going to make myself take one, I want it to look and smell like there are things in there that are going to do my body and baby good. When pregnant for Paityn I had picked up a target brand thinking they were all the same. Everything that I’ve found in the year or so since then is that you get what you pay for with vitamins and that Amazon reviewers love Rainbow Light.

5. Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray. One afternoon after taking the time to dry my hair I remembered a friend telling me about a spray that she used to cut hair drying time in half. I hit the Google machine to see what people were recommending and hit order. I have been so happy with it so far. It helps talks me into getting ready for the day on days that I don’t feel like I have the energy and it helps fill the role of heat protectant that I’d been missing from my life. The only con is that it does have a scent, and though please and fairly light, seemed a bit too much during some of my nauseous weeks.

6. LUSH Bath bombs. Some days standing up for a shower felt too overwhelming, let alone drying and straightening my hair. Not really being a bath person, the bath bombs changed everything. I could pop one into the filling tub, watch it fizz, turn on the space heater to warm up the bathroom and I had found a little slice of heaven. Though not the cutest name, butterball is my favorite by far so far. It leaves the skin so silky smooth.

7. Clean & Clear Face Wipes. The name of the game in the first trimester was making my life easier while still trying to look like a decent human being. I rediscovered the miracle of makeup wipes and loved these for their ability to wipe off my waterproof makeup along with all other makeup with one wipe.

And that’s my roundup for the first trimester with this sweet second baby of ours! Check back later this winter for things that I loved in the second trimester.



* I have been contacted by Clean + Clear and notified that the makeup removing wipes haven’t been tested for use during pregnancy and that one should consult with their Dr before continuing use. Insert mixed emotions face here.

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