Sharing Good News (Pregnancy!)

The canyons are starting to show off their best fall colors. When the seasons start to change and new life begins with spring in April, we will be introducing a new life into our family.

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog the past few months and it’s because the most important and exciting part of my life was being kept under wraps. Not wanting to create content that I wasn’t truly stoked on I waited til I’d passed the 12 week mark + it was safe to share our good news.


After we made the decision to move forward and start trying for our first baby back in 2011 it took us 7 months and a few high hopes and negative pregnancy tests to get there. Though 7 months is nothing compared to the timelines that couples struggling with infertility face, I couldn’t help but to feel sweet relief when early August came around and we just knew.

There was the Mac n Cheese craving while staying the past weekend with family, the sudden aversion to certain mint toothpaste and gum brands, and the one positive pregnancy test that confirmed everything we were feeling.

So slowly, and through bouts of nausea we packed up our apartment in California and headed out to Utah.

We’ve settled in, and are learning how to balance all of our new roles and hats. Landon tacked on long distance trail runner and student at UVU and I tacked on new mama to be along with mama to the best buddy ever, paityn ann.

Motherhood is so special to me. It fills every space of my heart and then some. I don’t feel like I’m thriving quite yet with the day-to-day schedule of motherhood, but the big picture, what I get to be a part of just has me in awe sometimes. To be connected to thousands of generations of women, going back to Eve the mother of all living, is truly the best.

Because we’re still getting settled in, and sorting through insurance paperwork we haven’t gotten to meet with a doctor yet — which means I’m still holding out hope that there are twins in there! But most of all I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat and experience our first ultrasound with the new little one.

Being pregnant with a toddler so far has been the absolutely best. Having a sweet tiny hand to hold while I throw up in the kitchen sink, to cuddle when I’m just too exhausted to do anything else, to go on walks to Target with when a new craving hits just makes this such a sweet experience already.

April 2015, here we come!


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