Stokke Scoot Love [Review]

Fall is officially here which makes now the perfect time to share my love for and review of our Stokke Scoot stroller. We first started using it this summer, our 4th of July weekend to be exact, and have been loving it ever since.

Since that weekend our Stokke Scoot has gone on many a walks in California, trips to Santa Cruz and San Francisco, then made the drive with us out to Utah where we’ve picked up right where we left off.

Stokke strollers stood out to me since the early days of pregnancy with Paityn. The thought of being hunched over an umbrella stroller gave me the heebie jeebies so an adjustable height handle was a priority.  I wanted to find something that was functional but that I still thought was beautiful. The more I narrowed down my mental list of possibilities the more Stokke stood out as my favorite.

We spent the first year with Paityn using wraps and carriers and I loved that time bonding with her. As she turned one and got heavier I would either carry her for walks or hold her hand and walk to the park at her little pace. I was a first time mom and had associated infant bucket carseats and strollers with negative attachment parenting for some reason, so I was doing my best to have the bond with her that I wanted. Knowing what I know now that was of course silly, and I can’t wait to have a tiny one in the stroller this next go round. But, at least I have stronger arms to show for it!

She was a year and a half when we first started using this stroller and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, because she was really getting heavy by then.


Here are a few of my favorite features of our particular Stokke stroller, the Scoot:

The Adjustable Height Handle

I’m 5’7″ and couldn’t be happier with the three height settings for the handle. With the push of a button on each side the handle slides up and locks into place. I’ve found that the second setting is perfect for everyday walks and the lowest setting for steep downhill portions or for pushing it through the sand. When Landon takes over he clicks it up one more notch and is good to go.

The Parent Facing Option

This feature is HUGE for me. Like worth hundreds of dollars huge. To go from wearing her close or holding her hand everywhere, to staring at the back of her head on walks, just bummed me out. So while I was deciding on favorite strollers I quickly booted out any stroller that didn’t have this option. 99% of the time this is how we use our Scoot, with Paityn facing us. It makes me so much more likely to go for walks or use it while shopping, knowing that I can still interact with her and not miss out on sweet moments.


The Basket Underneath

This is a feature of the Stokke Scoot that stands out because it has never let me down. Of all the adventures that we’ve been on we have never once come close to saying “Dangit! I wish this hand more space!” From holding shopping bags in the mall, to a large camera bag and backpack full of spare clothes and snacks while in Santra Cruz it’s always been just right. Though a subtle feature, I know it’s frustrating for parents when the company makes that space entirely too small. So I love that this makes our lives just that much easier.

All the Other Little Details

My favorite parts of the Stokke Scoot is its design, the adjustable handle and that it can face forward as well as face the parent. Those three elements alone just make my life. Everything else is just extra to me, but worth mentioning.

  • The footrest works forward and parent facing, and is adjustable for your growing toddler. Once their legs are long enough you can remove the adjustable footrest and rest their feet on the permanent footrest.
  • The brakes are easy to put on and off with one foot and I can trust them on the steepest San Francisco streets.
  • The shade canopy is large and beautiful, and is able to be unzipped and moved even farther down to protect your child’s face at all times.
  • It folds easily with one hand, no removing the seat necessary. It fits into our compact Ford Fiesta no problem.
  • Included with the stroller is a bug net as well as a rain cover, which should be perfect for Fall!
  • The fabric is beautiful. I am so happy with the black melange option but could have gone for the radiant orchard in a second.


The one fault that I’ve found with the Stokke Scoot is that I wish that it could flawlessly navigate curbs every time. This isn’t a large concern because I can’t expect a stroller to be as intuitive as my own two feet. Most sidewalks when we’re out account for this and have sidewalk ramps for crossing the street, but when they don’t it takes a bit of extra effort to lower the stroller down and then back up on the other side.

I am so happy that the Skokke Scoot has lived up to everything I felt like it would be when I first started researching them while pregnant with Paityn. It’s a beautiful stroller that I can’t wait to take on many more adventure here in Utah. I’ve started scoping out their winter accessories already! How cozy do these look? And this sheepskin lining? I die.

IMG_9792 IMG_9790

Being an amazing mother or parent has absolutely nothing to do with the baby products that you own. But I do believe that certain products can make your life easier and more enjoyable, and the Stokke Scoot has done just that for me.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer those too! xx

Stokke Scoot C/O Stokke

3 thoughts on “Stokke Scoot Love [Review]

  1. Agnieszka

    Hi there, I am looking to get the stroller for out 2 year old and replace the City Mini which is quite worn. Also I developed a problem with my wrists, so when my 2 year old wants a lift and I need to push the stroller with 1 hand, things get tough. So I have been researching and Stokke seems to fit the bill, as it is easy to maneuver and somewhat easy to collapse (city mini fold it awesome). Storage looks easy to access and I like the forward and back facing options. But my final concern is enough seat room for the kid to sit and slouch when sleeping and how cozy the stroller is in the winter. ITs so narrow, I feel like she would just fall out. Also Seems that legs would be tangling and exposed, unless there is some kind of cover. We have the Manito Cover now and in the cold and windy days that does a nice job.
    Can you lett me know how was your experience with the stroller in the winter . Many thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kyrafaulkner

    Oh wow, the origami is heavy! 32lbs in toddler mode. The Stokke Scoot isn’t too much lighter though, at 26lbs. Which for urban travel hasn’t been an issue at all.

    Have you had success gate checking a stroller? I know that can be a lifesaver for carseats + strollers!


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