My Favorite Things

This DIY Felt Alphabet

When I set the goal to work on cultivating my artistic abilities my vision was pretty narrow : drawing/sketching and perhaps a ceramics class if the stars were aligned. I was in love with the idea of drawing beautiful things and figured if I was going to try to be artistic then that was how I was going to do it.

We are now in the 9th month of the year and I haven’t spent more than a few hours drawing. While it hurts to say this, because I’m still in love with the idea of it all, I don’t think it’s my thing.

This hand sewn wool felt alphabet however just makes my heart giddy. Purl Soho, a yarn, patchwork and craft shop in NYC came up with this idea and sells all of the necessary materials in their online shop. Check out the felt color options here + feel free to help me choose which one to start with! If all goes well I’d love to do their advent calendar next. Which is just all kinds of levels of amazing. Just me?


Sadie Skye Headbands

There’s no denying we’ve been into headbands since week 1 of having a daughter in our life. But we shopped for ours mostly at Carters, Naartjie or had her wear ones that were gifted for friends. I would check out Etsy every so often looking for new bows but they were always too something — too big, too weird, too glittery, too frilly, the wrong colors or the wrong patterns. And then I found Jess on instagram — mom to a sweet daughter Sadie and maker of adorable bows and scarves. It’s safe to say I’m in love. Her packaging is adorable, that radiant orchard bow is made from leather (*swoon*) and mustard yellow + floral + polka dots? They’re a dream.


These Chocolate Chip Cookies


This is just a little PSA to say that these are quite possibly the best chocolate chip cookies (+ dough) that I have ever had. They worked great at little to no elevation and here at almost 5000ft.

I don’t know if it’s the higher brown sugar to white sugar ratio, the cornstarch, extra butter or all of the above — but whatever it is these cookies are amazing.


Go make yourself some!


The SLC Temple

I couldn’t do a my favorite things/things that make my heart happy post without including the Salt Lake City Temple. I don’t care how much of a dork this makes me. She’s a beaut. And the feeling on temple square is like no other.

Paityn and I got to spend an afternoon when we first moved here (while Landon interviewed for a job) smelling candles and trying on hats in Anthropologie, scoping out new products at Sephora then walked across the street to spend time on temple square. I could just live in there.

We took our time walking around and checking out whatever Paityn’s heart desired. From the pools of water to a girl her age who stopped to say hi to and ended up making friends with her nanny for a good ten minutes, it was one of the best days I’ve had since being here.


Last but not least, and not to be forgotten are all the fall candles in the world, candy corn flavored everything already, this perfect fall/chill 8track playlist + a few batches of s’mores.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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