Making 2014 Count | August Update

I’m excited to document the significance of August for our family as we are striving to focus on growth as much as possible. This was a big month of accomplishing goals that I honestly didn’t know if they were going to happen this year. Here are a few goals we focused on or got to cross off from our list of goals for the year:

Move Into a Cute New Place 

I have had the moving bug since the year began, at least. But knowing it’d be insane to move just for moving’s sake in the same city we stayed put and waited for the right time. Which turned out to be mid August, where Landon’s new job ended up being a full-time student again. We love our new place — a condo that we’re renting, the area, and all of the fun things we’ve done since being back in Utah already. This world is a big place, so I know we’re not all supposed to feel like the same place is what we consider home. But for me, Utah has my heart. And feels a bit like heaven.


Start Career in the Outdoor Industry (Landon)

For the past two years I’ve been married to a handsome man who works as a Social Worker with foster children and their parents. This handsome man of mine has a heart of gold but he just was not thriving in that career. What was supposed to be a year off from school before returning to focus on additional schooling in the psychology field turned into an extra year after that while he tried to discover what would be the best fit for him. Teton Sports2

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is to be the wife now of a man who is happy with where his career is going. This transition back to student life has come with a significant pay cut, partially due to the cut in hours to make everything fit, but we’re investing in our future at this point. And that feels so much better than having extra money in our bank account.

Love Paityn More

My relationship with my sweet toddler feels like it’s gotten just the fresh start that I needed. While the 9-5pm life had its perks, like seeing Landon more often and regularly, it made me fall into a routine that just wasn’t completely working. With a new schedule, a new place and fresh mountain air we are just thriving.

It also helps immensely that our ability to communicate and understand each other has just skyrocketed, and that feels amazing.IMG_2110

Revisit Becoming NASM CPT Certified

Since returning to Utah the land of Universities I have felt eager to return to school. But before I jump into paying tuition it only made sense to revisit the option that I had already paid for — my personal training program. Where I’ve gotten into trouble in the past is remembering that there are multiple paths that can come from being a certified trainer and that I can make the route that I’m passionate about work.


The problem is that I have almost over a year to complete the course still, which isn’t helpful. But I hope that as I begin to dive into the textbook this time that I can start to make sense of it all, at to be certified by this December.

Publish 52 blog posts a year

PS, I’m killing it with the no diet coke goal this month.

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