We’ve Moved!

We are officially settled into a cute condo in Utah! But first, I wanted to share how we got here.

May 23 I woke up and heard that Landon had been able to take the day off from work so that we could spend more time with Avery and Trever who were in town for a few days. It was 8am and I wasn’t exactly jumping at the bit to go workout so I spent a little time on Pinterest on my phone still laying on the mattress in our living room from a sleepover I managed to talk Landon into. I came across a pin that started my day on a perfect note, “live less out of habit and more out of intent.” I realized, with that little push from the quote, that my soul wanted time writing + with Heavenly Father more than anything. I got up, playfully smacked Landon on the head who was emailing a friend instead of blogging with the notebook I had just grabbed and walked back to our bedroom.

After a few minutes of trying to feel focused, and recognizing thoughts that were from the opposite team “you’ll never get pregnant again.” “think of the life it’d be: uninterrupted CLA taking, preworkout drinking, protein chugging..” I was able to tell those thoughts to scram and a stillness settled in. More than anything else right then, I wanted to experience our family growing to 2 children. And for Landon to be in a job that he’s proud of, enjoys, and feels fulfilled.

“Do a MBA program in UVU, you’ll be happy as a family of 4 there.”IMG_2195

This time this thought was clearly from a different source, a source of confidence, trust and truth. I continued to ponder this idea; it sounded nice and that it could be the missing ingredient on Landon’s resume. But Landon had a plan, and it involved going back to school later, down the road. Then, I realized another truth. “But He has a plan too. And have we inquired of Him lately what it is.”

And we had, we totally had in so many facets of our life: we were praying about future babiessetting goals together, eliminating anything unnecessary or distracting from our lives; but the decision about a career is an interesting thing. No part of that comes overnight. So for a year after we made the decision for Landon to not accept any of his Law School offers he worked on his resume and applied to jobs in the outdoor industry from everywhere from Colorado to Texas to Washington DC.

It was after an interview for one last job, this time in Virginia, that Landon got the answer that he needed. His was, “now is the time, get an MBA from UVU” [ready set go].

It was late July, a few months after I had first had my significant answer but this time it was a call to act. Where mine was a suggestion from the most divine sources of suggestions, his meant it was time. 

We had just enough time to put in a 30 day notice for our apartment (“So we think we’re going to Utah. Like, next month?) As things progressed, Landon was able to apply to UVU even this late in the game, so he put in his two weeks at his job. Two weeks and two days later he was officially unemployed and we were packing up the last few boxes of our house.

Since our drive out east last Thursday we’ve gone apartment hunting, found a condo to rent, moved in Saturday and had the Uhaul returned early that morning. A day early even! Landon had two job interviews and two job offers by that next Monday, one that he is overjoyed about. He’s started working on prerequisite classes for the MBA program, we’ve unpacked all of our boxes and officially started life in Utah.

I can’t believe how flawlessly this move and transition has gone. I don’t know why I acted like help would leave as soon as we acted on the prompting. This has been such a sweet experience for our family already, and I love that I have this space to share it with you. My three biggest takeaway points from this has been :

  • write down experiences when you have them! You’ll likely need the reminder or reassurance down the road
  • have greater faith. expect that God can and wants to do big things for you.
  • don’t live life out of habit. check in with your soul more often to see what it needs. I’m so glad that I listened that morning and skipped out on the gym that morning. our little family needed it


What’s something you’ve learned or been reminded of after taking a leap of faith?


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