Santa Cruz

Last weekend we headed off for the coast for what will possibly be one of our last California adventures before we pack up this little apartment of ours and head off for Utah. It turned out to be one of my all time favorite weekends.

We left early Friday morning and stopped in Oakland around 9am to first meet with Tony from Edgevale USA at a local coffee shop. The boys talked business + apparel outside while Paityn and I woke up with a bagel and some amazing people watching opportunities. Oh Oakland. From there the four of us walked over to meet up with the guys at Bedrock Sandals to hear + see what’s new with them. From there we said our goodbyes, grabbed some lunch + hit the road for Santa Cruz.

After learning our lesson with San Francisco we went for the easy parking option right across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, twelve dollars and oh so worth it!

IMG_1485 IMG_1508IMG_1520 IMG_1527 IMG_1538

IMG_1542 IMG_1554 IMG_1561Poor little guy. He was popular though! A few other groups huddled around after seeing what we were taking a photo of. IMG_1568 IMG_1570 IMG_1574 IMG_1580
Stopping to rest our feet and share a little clam chowder sample.IMG_1586 IMG_1591 copy
This little girl might not have known what to think of the ocean, but the birds everywhere however, she was loving. As long as she stayed far away from the guard rail I was good.
IMG_1604 IMG_1620 IMG_1622 IMG_1637 IMG_1648 IMG_1652 IMG_1668 IMG_1670
We found a falafel hut to rival the one we tried back home in Alaska! It wasn’t an exact match, but I wasn’t complaining as I ate every last bite.IMG_1675
And then, because it’s tradition we ended early evening after spending all day in the sun and exploring local shops with Pizza My Heart. We were excited to see that there Santa Cruz location had tripled in size since we’d been there last year. Then with full + happy stomachs, and after stopping at my favorite boutique next door, we headed off to go camping for the evening. Which is another adventure for another post.


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