San Francisco

The past two years that we’ve lived in Northern California I’ve been convinced that there was fun to be had in San Francisco, we just had to find it! Landon and I had spent a day of our honeymoon 3 years ago taking the ferry into SF and spending the day exploring.

So a week or so ago, we headed down there again with the intent of doing San Francisco in a Day. Though we were so much more committed to making it happen than half-hearted attempts in the past, we planned to just wing parking once we got there. A friend on instagram had shared an easy parking tip of grabbing chocolate from the World Market wharf location and getting 2 hours parking for free. Which sounded perfect in theory, if I could go back I would’ve planned to just pay the expensive day fee at a lot from the start. That way we would’ve been free to wander wherever our feet take us for the tour, without having to back track and move our car and find another spot.

That said, we had such a lovely time. It was 67 and cloudy which was just the break from our heat that we were looking for.

PS: I’ve got a sweet story about Fresh Crab + French Bread from Landon’s grandma Nanu if you’ve got a second and a few kleenex.




The wharf was probably my favorite part of the day. The scent of seafood, view of the open water, feeling of community, and street performers singing Let it Be just made my day.

IMG_1394IMG_1346IMG_1398We decided next time we visit, bikes are for sure the way to go. 
IMG_1390 IMG_1386IMG_1378 IMG_1368Though we might not have had bikes this go round, a stroller was a dream for this day trip. Our little girl isn’t so little anymore. 
By early afternoon, after charging our camera battery and resting for a bit at a Starbucks we headed out to check out the Palace of Fine Arts.  It’s a beautiful landmark and parking was easy to find right along the street. IMG_1432IMG_1421IMG_1415
Just a few minutes [bird’s eye] from where we just were, we could already feel our hearts slowing down a bit.
We only made a dent in the possibilities are to be had in San Francisco, I just know it. But unfortunately we’re out of time. So I’ll be taking notes from sweet Annie over at MontgomeryFest, who just moved back to the states with her husband, to San Francisco to be exact.

The next time we come back SF, we’ll be ready.

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