18 Months Old | From Landon’s Eyes

It’s hard to believe “baby Paityn” is quickly changing from a baby to a toddler. Gone are the baby days of being cradled on our arms, or learning to crawl or stand. Instead Paityn has turned, almost overnight it seems, into a little girl with her own opinions, wants and desires.

Just last night, her actual 18 month birthday, Kyra and I were cuddled up on our living room floor talking. Paityn had climbed up onto the couch and was patting the spot next to her while looking at us, her usual way of saying “come sit by me.” I told her to come cuddle with us and bring a blanket. Pretty soon she had found a blanket and dragged it over to us, but had bolted back to the couch and repeated the same procedure from before, patting the spot next to her.

This lasted a couple of seconds then she began pointing into the kitchen with her communicative “uh, uhh, uh.” She obviously wanted something, and so the guessing game began. Kyra guessed that she wanted something to drink but she seemed disinterested. Given that she had tried to get us to sit with her on the couch along with her retrieving the blanket I guessed that she wanted something else.IMG_1356

I pulled out the popcorn air-popper and ask if she wanted popcorn, her response? A smile, a giggle and “gockcorn” her way of saying “popcorn.” She had undoubtedly heard me mention making popcorn to Kyra earlier that evening and she had been waiting for it ever since in our normal popcorn eating spot: the couch with a blanket.

She’s a popcorn monster.

Yeah, she definitely has a personality. Waving to people at church, at the store, anywhere and everywhere. Her front tooth gap smile and laugh are infectious. Her favorite thing to do lately is sneak into Kyra’s makeup drawer and try to open everything up any play with it. She’s a total girl, no doubt about it. She wants to carry a purse and gets excited every time we walk through the toddler clothing section at Target.


By far her favorite word is “shoes” which lends well to her other love; being outdoors. As an outdoor dad I love this aspect of our little one. She will beg to go outside by grabbing her shoes and saying “shoes? shoes? shoes?” while pointing to the door.

She’s the perfect mix of cute little girl and outdoor adventurer. It makes me smile.

IMG_1958 IMG_1961

Her little waves from the living room and joyful “buh-bye” as I head back to work after my lunch are always the best.

She doesn’t complain about sleep. Ask her to get Ellie and Michelle so she can go to sleep and she will. Then she will make sure you tuck her in with two blankets with Ellie in one arm and Michelle in the other. A cute little goodnight “buh-bye” and she’s off to dream world.

Likely my favorite thing about Paityn this month is how she’s learning to pray. All it takes is for Kyra or I to say “prayer time” and she immediately folds her arms and waits patiently to proudly exclaim, “aye-ah-ah” (or something like that) which apparently means “amen.”


Paityn is just the sweetest. We love that little girl.


note: a huge thanks to Landon for writing this post for me today! After spending 18 months straight with her I was having a hard time thinking about what was new for her this month and even some of my favorite memories. They all quickly came back when I read over what he’d written for me this morning.


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