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After posting my 21 Things I’ve Learned About IIFYM  in the beginning of June I’ve made steps towards  beginning but I just haven’t jumped in with both feet. It’s time to do this. Here’s what I need to do next:

Commit to Eating Within 5g of My Macros Each Day
In the beginning, after posting about IIFYM I wanted to wait to begin til I had protein powder. Landon prefers to eat a primarily plant-based diet, which makes it difficult to hit my protein goal. But even after protein show up at my door I still didn’t start. Or I’d log my breakfast and snacks, and then stop before we even had dinner.

This focus and attention to the numbers takes energy and it takes work. But as someone who has specific results that I’d like to achieve, and when I realize that my eating disorder days were spurred by not seeing the results I wanted to achieve and not knowing why, it feels worth it to me to take the extra time before sitting down to each meal.


Buy a Scale to Measure Food:
This next month I’ll be eating 242grams of carbs, 130grams of protein + 52 grams of fats daily. After 3-4 weeks I should be able to see if those are my body’s true maintenance numbers, or if I see my weight creeping up or down.

By not using a food scale, I’m eyeballing anything that’s not prepackaged, which can hinder progress and accidentally add up to extra or a lack of calories. Currently when I slice an avocado and add one half to my wrap, I then go to My Fitness Pal and select “half an avocado!” So I’ve just logged 15g of fat, but MyFitnessPal has no idea the size or weight of the avocado.

With a food scale, I can weigh the avocado and manually enter its weight into MyFitnessPal. There it’ll calculate the nutrition of it for me: .2grams of fat, .1grams of carbs and 0grams of protein per gram of avocado. I’m all about maximizing what I’m able to eat and having a scientific understanding of portions.

Ask For Help:
Because Landon has a completely different philosophy with eating it can make sticking to what I’d like to do difficult. But I hadn’t really voiced those emotions besides trying to talk him into joining me. I realized that’s not really what I need. What I’d love is at dinner time for him to ask “hey! how many carbs, protein + fats do you have left?” And for us to work together to come up with a dinner that fits.

It feels powerful to realize how he can help, and how simple and routine it can be.

Fitness Routine
IIFYM is loosely based around the idea that if you don’t like cardio that you can cut it out this instant and still see killer results, which is what I’m all about. After finishing Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size + Superman Program I was looking for something a bit different. I’d heard rave review about a training program called Strong Curves by Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis. I purchased the ebook for my Kindle app on my iPhone for $10 and the proceeded to read 300 pages of brilliant information all about glutes and his research over the past 15+ years.

In chapter two he gets a bit bold questioning why women are training the same as men. He shares: “Sure you want a strong chest, but do you really want to add inches to your pectoral muscles? You need to make your workouts as efficient and productive as possible and chest day is not the best way to go.”


The more sedentary we become, the less we use our glutes. Unlink other muscles, your glutes will be pretty lazy if you allow them to be. Rather than sticking up for themselves and saying, “hey! we need activity too, ” they just close up shop and stop working. This causes other muscles to take over and bear the brunt of the work.” This effects everything from running speeds, sports performance, to back and knee injuries.

He encourages most to begin with the 12 week beginning program to teach the glutes to properly engage and to encourage the hamstrings/quads to quit compensating or jumping in too much. Once I’m able to do the following, I’ll move on to the advanced training program once I can:

  1. 50 non-stop bodyweight hip thrusts
  2. 1 bodyweight chin-up from a dead hang
  3. 5 body weight full-range push-ups (without sagging at the hips)
  4. 20 non-stop bodyweight Bulgarian split squats
  5. 30 non-stop bodyweight back extensions
  6. + 10 deadlifts with 135 pounds

Which will feel like a great success to hit all of those standards, beginner or not. Wish me luck, and I’ll check back in next month to share if I quit it with the cold feet and jumped in with both feet to IIFYM and with seeing progress with the Strong Curves program!




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