Growing Love: Volume II

This past weekend Landon and I headed off for our first camping trip of the summer. Without the push to take photos I don’t think we would’ve gone out this weekend and I am SO glad that we did. This series is working already.

We hugged my family goodbye on Thursday after getting to spend a week with them as they headed up to Oregon and the next day we packed up for a camping trip. This is where being married to an outdoor enthusiast comes in handy — in the time it took to get myself ready he had all of the gear, food and things we’d need for he and Paityn ready. Which is the start to any great camping adventure.

camp2camp1camp11 We headed up a bit past Nevada City/Grass Valley to a campground by the river. Being the weekend after July 4th we were figuring luck would be on our side with finding a campsite, but there were fewer options than expected. At a bit before 3pm there were two sites open, and one bordered a sketch cabin with a ‘beware of dog’ sign right next to their front door. We opted for the site on the other end.
camp21 camp23 camp24A few minutes out from the campsites cell service drops, which is my new favorite thing about camping. Landon and I spend so much time engaged with social media, taking photos, responding to emails, etc. The fact that we were encouraged to just relax and enjoy the time together was beyond amazing.

We spent the weekend with Andrew, Teresa and their little one who is exactly 6 months younger than Paityn. Together we got situated —  us with our tent + they with their Jeep, then shared a dinner. By early evening the comfy clothes and a few layers of bug spray started being put on and the chocolate came out. I’m not even embarrassed to say Landon and I cuddled up and went to bed at 9:30pm, because it was the best night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I don’t know if it was the fresh air, or Paityn so perfectly asleep in the middle of us, but when I woke up I requested that from here on out we always sleep in a tent.

In the morning, after breakfast we packed up and took a trail down towards the river to play in the sun. The descent was a little much for my nervous hiking feet, but we made it without sliding off a dropoff and had the alcove of the sandbar all to ourselves.

This edition of our Growing Love Series accomplished exactly what I was hoping to gain from the series. We were able to capture a few keepsake photos of us out doing what we love to do, and it helped push us out the door and on an adventure.

I’m ready to squeeze a million more camping trips from now til it gets too cold outside. And the less cell service there is the better.




PS: huge thanks to Andrew Faulkner for taking photos! | Growing Love: Volume 1

Shorts: Target, Sandals: Bedrock Sandals // Paityn’s Tee + Camo Leggings: Carters, Mocassins : Freshly Picked, Golden Rod // Aztec Tee + Jeans: American Eagle

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