False Lashes

On a random weekday the other week, I came home with a pair of Ardell false lashes + Duo lash glue. I was optimistically convinced it was just the solution my little eyelashes needed. I had gotten the idea from a fitness friend on Instagram whose amazing lashes make an appearance in all her photos — from the gym to dates with her fiancé.  I had always considered lashes the cherry on top of a glam look reserved for special days, but suddenly the world of wearing + reusing them daily opened up.

I turned to my go-to beauty YouTuber Jaclyn for the rundown on how to apply. With tweezers ready and lashes trimmed to fit my eye, I applied a thin line of glue and nervously waited the 60 seconds to begin. After a few minutes of awkwardly trying to align the false lash to my natural lash line I finally had the first one on. As I did a double take in the mirror my heart soured while my stomach sank.

I had chosen one of the most conservative pairs of lashes yet they were at least four times my natural length. Which isn’t hard when my lashes are a quarter of an inch long? But oh it just looked so contrived.

I fumbled even longer with the second eye, and ended up having to apply extra eyeliner to cover glue excess from sliding the lash down toward where I needed it. For something that I was romanticizing of simplifying my life, it sure was going to take time to get there. The other problem was the pit in my stomach of how it made me feel. I’ve grown accustomed to foundation, blush, powder, bronzer, mascara, eyebrow filler and eyeliner. But this new extra step, oh I was feeling it. And I felt like a fraud.

I wore the lashes for twenty minutes, took them off, set them in olive oil with the intent to try again another day. By that night, after hanging out with a few friends, I couldn’t shake the feeling that had set in since trying them earlier that day, and I’ve learned those are just the feelings that we need to be listening to. So I rinsed out the bowl of olive oil and tossed the false lashes one by one into the trash.

There might be a world of wearing false lashes daily, but right now, I don’t want to be a part of it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.56.28 AM

I am so grateful for Colbie Caillat’s new video — her encouragement and message is one we need to hear more often. I love beauty products, the packaging and the excitement of it all. But I need to stop forgetting that there is a source for feeling and being beautiful and it isn’t the beauty industry.


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