Truckee, California

On Saturday my family and I headed up to Truckee to explore the area + attempt to beat the heat; we succeeded with our first goal. Man that 7000 ft elevation change makes you feel the sun’s rays!

Our hungry stomachs led us to lunch the second we arrived. Once refueled we made our way to the Emigrant Trail Museum because my mom’s a sucker for historical monuments. I just so happen to be the opposite, otherwise I’d insert lots of fun facts about the Donner Party and their carnivorous ways.

One of our favorite parts of Truckee, besides the beautiful forested views and cute vibe is their downtown shops. We put our new stroller to good use and showed my family our favorite spots. From checking out the new things the cute boutique Bespoke has for sale to discovering a new shop with fudge squares, my heart was happy.

We moved on and started our way back slowly, checking out a few other towns on the way back, but I made a mental note to explore Truckee more when we had a free weekend together. The store California 89 does dinner + a movie every Friday, there’s a Lululemon location I’d love to buy my first pair of wunder unders from, a handful of yoga studios, and we’re sure — beautiful hikes to be had!

The heat followed us to every mountain town we stopped in which was just too much for those four Alaskans of mine. We promised my bibliophile of a sister Kelsey that we’d find a cute a bookstore before the visit was over and headed home to blast the AC.

Have you ever spent time in Truckee, California? What do we need to do the next time we head that way? I’m looking forward to spending time in Tahoe later this month like you wouldn’t believe!


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