St Tropez Bronzing Mousse | Original Vs Dark

The past few months I’ve been getting to the bottom of what the difference between bestselling St Tropez Bronzing Mousse in their Original + Dark formula is and if I, a NC15 could get away with either. After committing to end using tanning beds once and for all at the beginning of the year as part of my goals for 2014 I made it through the winter without too much trouble. It’s a little easier to embrace being pale when lots of layers are involved! But once things started to heat up in Northern California, it was time to find a solution. Because I was used to being able to achieve a fairly dark tan through tanning beds, though pale as ever, I wanted to find something that offered more than just a hint of color. And I found it.

Both the Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and Self Tan Dark Bronzing mouse are lightweight foam products, that dispense and apply very easily, especially with a self tan mit. When applying a self tanner it can become a Golilocks game of the product not soaking in too fast and making you feel pressure to work quickly, and taking too long, and going to bed still feeling sticky. Luckily they both are “just right”, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch by the time I’m done applying product to my entire body – about 5 minutes or so later.

Soft is also the adjective I’d use to describe the scent of both; a mixture of the scent of cocoa butter and a light fresh perfume.

Both hold up in the gym and pool just how you’d want. No streaky tinted sweat drops here. Just makes sure that you wait the initial 6-8 hours after applying for the product to set in before sweating or jumping in the shower, otherwise it’ll come right off.

When I first began I worried about where to stop applying and what the line of demarcation would look like. Do I apply it on my chest, neck and face? When I tanned in beds those were areas that were naturally more difficult to tan, and were traditionally lighter in color. I learned early on that the best thing to do is to apply the mousse all over, trying my best to not miss a spot, which is the only thing I’ve found to actually make the product streaky. Because the mouse works with your skin tone, instead of the skin looking painted with an allover golden bronze color, the tan appears proportionally darker, depending on where things started out.  This is why these products also work for someone as light as me just as much as someone who starts out darker than me, like my husband.


IMG_7303 IMG_7283



IMG_7849 IMG_7857


IMG_8376 IMG_8378


Now, a few differences between the St Tropez Bronzing Mousse and their Dark Bottle.

If you would prefer to look cute right before bed after applying the tan, the white bottle gets a vote. The original formula is lighter when applying and the guide color looks natural for the most part.  The dark formula has a green tint while it develops, which totally works in your favor while you sleep. You will however, look like a beautiful version of the Hulk for those 8 hours of slumber. This is why, though you can apply in the morning, I found it was easiest to apply right before bed.

Along the same lines, I found that the dark formula simply looks more streaky when applied. If I hadn’t read reviews before applying it my first time this definitely would’ve freaked me out, but it’s ok! I promise once you shower in the morning, all those streaks will disappear.

Because the skin on my face is the most sensitive and more pink toned that the rest of my body, I love the dark formula mousse better than the original on my face. Though terrifying to try the first time, because, have you seen how light my face is? it was perfect after I showered.

Along the same lines, I prefer the olive tone of the dark formula on my skin compared to the golden tone of the original formula, especially for summertime. If you wanted less color than I was after, definitely go for the white bottle. I have a feeling I’ll be turning to that one more once fall and winter roll around.

To summarize, I love both products from St. Tropez. The scent is pleasant, the mousse applies easily and lasts an ideal amount of time on my skin. Well, forever would be ideal, but I’ll take the 5-7 days I get.

Let me know if you have any other questions that I can help answer!

Click HERE to see my story of giving up tanning beds once and for all and HERE for the steps that I follow to insure I love my tan the next day.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse + St Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse, C/O St. Tropez


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