A Few Quick Steps For Applying Self Tanner

If we’re being completely honest, laying in a tanning bed is probably one of the easiest ways to get a tan. Laying out outside, for me, falls on the completely other end of the spectrum. I could lay outside for days on end, and get a hint of color. Using a self tanner falls somewhere in the middle of effort put in, and gets easier every time. To avoid my other posts being too long here are a list of steps to use when applying the St Tropez Self Tanner Mousse

  1. Shower and shave and/or exfoliate skin
  2. Moisturize, especially if your skin is dry
  3. Apply another light coat of lotion to elbows, knees, sides of feet + eyebrows prior to applying self tanner. I choose to apply at the end of the night, right before bed
  4. Instead of using bare hands to apply the self tanner,  use a self tanner mit or latex gloves. Whatever you do just don’t dive in bare handed. Trust me! This is possibly the most crucial rule in my book.
  5. Pump 2-3 pumps of product to your mit or glove and apply it to sections of the body at a time in circular motions. I start at the calf and work my way up.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go over the same spot twice. Know that in the end your tan will only be streaky if you miss a spot — so ideally, be in a room with good lighting and a full length mirror
  7. The color that you see initially is the guide color, which allows you to see where you’ve applied product. The actual tan takes 4-8 hours to develop. When applying the mousse it may appear streaky, but rest assured that that is only the guide color appearing that way.
  8.  Apply product to entire body + face
  9. Do a double and triple check in the mirror, are you covered? Good!
  10. Remove mit or glove but try to not get your hands wet til morning — washing your hands before hand will cause the color to wash off, leaving the area at the wrists streaky and not ideal. I learned this one the hard way. Do feel free to run your mit under water then, or to wash it in the morning.
  11. Sleep it off: lay a towel down if you like your sheets and catch some zzz’s.
  12. In the morning hop in the shower. You’ll see color washing down the drain which was the guide color and you should be noticeably darker.
  13. Your tan should fade gradually and evenly for the next week, especially if the skin is moisturized + hydrated.

Once you get the hang of things this process will be as simple as showering, brushing your teeth or shaving. But when you first start, don’t hesitate to reread this post or to look online for helpful YouTube videos so that you can be more comfortable and have the best results. Here’s one that was my go to when I first stared, skip ahead to 3:48. Or try this video from Tiffany D for a different perspective, and for the original formula, HERE.

Just incase you do mess up, I found that Lauren Conrad’s suggestion of a mixture of baking soda + lemon juice does the trick, and leaves the skin extra smooth after.

So those are the steps that work for me, and my husband when he steals some. Let me know if you have any other questions and click HERE for photos comparing the St Tropez Original and Dark Formula Mousse!


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