Father’s Day Photos | Five Generations

In my sweet 96-year-old Great Grandma’s room in Oregon hangs a few photos, one of them being a 5 generation photo that was taken a few years before I was born. This past Sunday, while all together for the first time in over a year, we were able to take another 5 generation photo: from Paityn to her now Great Great Grandma Anderson. The photos of she + Paityn together just melt my heart completely.
IMG_2915 IMG_2924IMG_2968IMG_2959 ^^L-R, my: great grandma, mom, little one, + grandpa
^^ I love seeing their hands next to each other
IMG_3083IMG_3084^^sharing stories in between photos // Pagga helping his mom back into the house
IMG_3148 IMG_3145 IMG_3137^^ four giggly sisters, reunited again

Now I don’t think it’s important to have a great grandparent still around to feel the importance of family. I hope that whatever your family looks like, that you find joy from those relationships. Naturally my relationship with my great grandma is nothing like it is with both sets of my grandparents, and those relationships are nothing like the relationship I have with my parents. It does feel like a gift though to catch a glimpse of what life is like at 96, and to see that there’s a lot less to worry about with aging than I think. I hope you had a great father’s day. I’m so grateful for my dad and all he did for us, and the love + support he continues to show us. Most of all, getting to see them the day they flew in from Alaska was such a treat!

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