Ashland, Oregon | From My Eyes

Monday was a day that just made my soul + heart happy. We got to spend the day with my parents and two youngest sisters; taking our time getting ready in the morning then playing around in Ashland, Oregon for the afternoon.
^ashland-2^blankets from Austria: we’ll take one of each, please!

^^ giraffes are my favorite. that giraffe however, might be my favorite giraffe of all the fake giraffesIMG_9823

^^beautiful little studs with streamlined packaging, yes yes yesAshlandIMG_9835IMG_9839IMG_9815IMG_9903IMG_9873

^^when spending time with family makes you love your husband that much more 
IMG_9834^^classic Kelsey + Kyra photo everything 
IMG_9833IMG_9851 IMG_9861

^^ Monday, the one day of the week where the stage goes dark in Ashland
IMG_9896 IMG_9891

^^and exploring one of the 93 acres of Lithia Park in Ashland

Ashland was such a beautiful green city with rolling green hills and a fun personality. After walking out of a local running store downtown, Landon and I were both sold which whether it’ll ever happen or not feels good. Finding cities, companies, or people who mesh well with who you are [or want to be] is such a good feeling. The best part was having my parents and sisters there, and that it felt so natural. I decided halfway through the day that maybe it was a good thing I didn’t use my miles and fly home two weeks ago when I was so homesick and just wanted to be with them. The two weeks ended up flying by, we’ll get to spend more time together in a few weeks, and now Landon + I still have the miles to fly up and see them when fall or winter sets in.

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